Bocce is a trade language spoken throughout the Galaxy, primarily for business transactions between beings that have no languages in common.

Special Notes: The symbol Q is pronounced Tch (a harder, tighter ‘CH’ sound), and the symbol X is pronounced Tsh (a shorter, tighter ‘SH’ sound).


  • Accusing someone of lying, a ridiculous notion: Fuhn Pi (“making wind”)
  • Agitate someone out of hiding: Da Chow Jing Ser (“beating the grass to startle the snake”)
  • Alas, not good, damn, too bad: Tzao-Gao (“spoiled cake”)
  • All that’s proper: Suo-Yo Deh Duo Shi-Dang
  • Ass, bottom, posterior: Pi-Gu
  • Bastard, jerk: Hwun-Dan (“rotten egg”)
  • Big boss/Operator of a business: Lao Bahn; Lao Bahn Niang for female boss/Proprietor’s wife
  • Big brother: Ghuh or Da-Ghuh meaning “big brother” or “leader”
  • Big change: Da Bianhua
  • Big sister : Jieh or Da-Jieh
  • Blindside or conspire against someone secretly: Fang Leng Jian (“shoot a cold arrow”)
  • Bottoms up: Gan Bai (“dry cup”)
  • Brilliant: Jing-Tsai
  • Buns/Bread: Bao
  • Cheap Goods (Also, Whore): Jien Huo
  • Check at once: Ma Shong Jien Cha
  • Cheering or urging someone on: Jah Yoh (“add fuel”)
  • Choose the wrong method to handle a situation: Bao Xin Jiu Huo (“bring wood to put out a fire”)
  • Come in: Qing Jin
  • Commit blunder of great magnitude: Bieh Woo Lohng
  • Completely useless: Zing-Qan Meiyong Deh
  • Congratulations: Gohn Shi
  • Conniving or scheming person: Guay Toh Guay Nown (“ghost head and ghost brain”)
  • Cool: Kuh
  • Crap, shit: Go-Shi
  • Crazy, go crazy: Fong-Leh
  • Cute: Kuh-Ai
  • Dangerous person or animal: Wei Shian Dohn Wu
  • Daydream or wishful thinking: Bai-Rih Mohn
  • Deserving of bad consequence or fate: Hwo Gai (“you asked for it”)
  • Despicable: Kuh Wu
  • Do something for nothing in return, or wasted endeavour: Yee Yan (“a charity show”)
  • Done for or imminent doom, screwed: Wong Dahn (“finished [cooked] egg”)
  • Don’t worry: Fang Xin
  • Down payment: Shi Yan
  • Enough of this nonsense: Goh Hwong Tong
  • Everything in the World/Galaxy: Tian Xia
  • Female companion or girlfriend: Ma Tze (somewhat derogatory)
  • Fire!: Kai Huo (“open fire”), Fuhn Huo (cooking fire).
  • Fire at will or terminate with extreme prejudice: Dai Kai Sa Jeh (“breaking the Buddhist vow against killing”)
  • Foiled or ruined at the last moment: Soh Ya Feh Tian (“a cooked duck flies away”)
  • Fool: Sha Gwa (“stupid melonhead”)
  • Friend, pal, buddy: Puhn Yoh
  • Gang or faction leader: Da-Gher Da for male, Da-Jeh Da for female
  • Garbage: Leh-Seh
  • Get bold or audacious: Fahn Dahn (“release courage”)
  • Get lost: Kwai Jio-Kai
  • Go all out, hold nothing back: Ping Ming (“fight for one’s life”)
  • Go far away very fast: Kwai Chur Hun Ren-Deh Di-Fahng
  • Go to hell: Chiu Sheh (“go die”)
  • Good or okay: Hao
  • Good journey or bon voyage: Yi-Lu Shwen Fohn
  • Good luck: Joo-How Rin
  • Greetings, hello there: Ni Hao
  • Handsome: Shwai
  • Happy development or fortuitous turn of event: Zhe Zhen Shi Guh Kuai-Le De Jin-Zhang (Can be sarcastic)
  • Have desires above one’s social / financial position, or beyond one’s ability to realize: Lai * Huh Moh Sheong Tze-Tian Uh-Zoh (“for a toad to think of eating a swan”)
  • He or she: Tah, Tah-Deh for his or hers, Tah-Muhn for them, Tah-Munh Deh for theirs.
  • Hell: Guai
  • How are you?: Ni Hao Mah?
  • Hurry up, faster: Gan Kuai
  • I, or me: Wo, Wo-Deh (mine)
  • I don’t believe my eyes: Wo-Bu Shin Wo-Deh Yan Jing
  • Idiot, moron: Buhn Dahn (“stupid egg”)
  • Impossible: Bu-Kuh Nuhn
  • Impressive display but no substance: Da Chung Wu Dahn (“big gun, no bullet”)
  • In that case, never mind: Nah Mei Guan-Xi
  • Is that so?/Oh, really?: Shi Ma?
  • It’s not working: Ai-Ya, Huai Leh
  • Junk: Feyu
  • Just our luck: Zhen Dao Mei
  • Leader of a criminal operation: Sher Toh (“snakehead,” derogatory.)
  • Leave one to his own fate: Tze Shun Tze Mieh
  • Let me repeat myself: Wuo Jai Jeong Yi-Qi
  • Let’s take a deep breath: Yi-Chi Sheng-Hu Xi
  • Life support failure: Shun Ming Shi Teh-Wohn Guh Jong
  • Like hell: Jien Ta Deh Guai (“see his ghost”)
  • Like a True Spacer: Jung Jeh-Wohn Guo Hua
  • Little brother: Di or Di-Di
  • Little sister: Mei or Mei-Mei
  • Long time no see: Hao Joh Bu Jian
  • Male companion or boyfriend: Kai Tze (somewhat derogatory)
  • Manipulate, or playing someone for a fool: Swa
  • Mind your own business: Gwon Ni Tze-Ji Deh Shi
  • Miss: Shao-Jeh (“little lady” follows name like in Japanese)
  • Mister: Shian-Shen (“born before me,” also follows a person’s name.)
  • My mother: Wo-Deh Mah
  • Muddled, mixed-up, confused: Wu-Toh Wu-Nao (“without a head or a brain”)
  • No problem: Mei Wen Ti
  • No, it’s not: Cai Bu Shi
  • Nonsense: Fei-Hua (“crap talk”)
  • Not advised: Jwohn Gao Bu-Yi
  • Not enough: Bu Goh, or Hai Bu Goh, for “not enough yet.”
  • Not keeping a rendezvous: Fahn Gher Tzeh (“release a pigeon” but not picking up the bird at the destination)
  • Now, immediately, right away: Ma Shong
  • Nurse (as the profession, not the verb): Hu Shi
  • Oddball or a goof: Qai Neow
  • Of course: Dang-Ran
  • Old: Lao
  • Old man / husband: Lao Ghong
  • Old woman / wife: Lao Puo
  • Old friend, you’re looking lively: Lao Peng Yo, Ni-Kan Qi Lai Hun Yo Jing-Shen (“Old friend, you’re looking full of spirit”)
  • One more cup of [beverage]: Qing Zai Lai Yi Bei [beverage]
  • Ordinarily useless: Jing Tzang Mei-Yong Duh
  • Outdo someone or doing one better: Dao-Gao Yi-Qi Moh-Gao Yi-Juhn (“the solution advances a yard, the problem advances a mile”)
  • Over my dead body: Qu-Fei Wuh Sih-Leh (“if I die first”)
  • Pay attention: Zhuyi
  • Petty (Or Trivial): Suoxi
  • Peon, small fry, a nobody: Wu-Ming Shao Jwu (“nameless little foot soldier”)
  • Prehistoric: Lao-Deow Yah (“so old as to lose all teeth”)
  • Plain, bland, bare: Yong Qi-Wen Mien (“generic, flavorless noodle dish”)
  • Please be quiet: Qing-Ahn Jing Yi-Dien
  • Pledge (promise): Shi-Yan
  • Really is a genius: Zhen De Shi Tian-Xai
  • Retreat, run away: Joi-Weh Sung Qiu (“the virtue of fleeing to fight another day”)
  • Ruthless or savage beast of a person: Qing Soh
  • Screw you: Qu Ni-Deh (“eat yours”)
  • Shiny, awesome, fantastic: Jahn
  • Shut up: Bi Zweh
  • Sir: Da-Yeh, when used as a nobility: Nuhu-Jwei, following the name.
  • So guilty as to deserve a thousand deaths: Jwei Gai Won She
  • Soldier, fighter, warrior: Zhan Shi
  • Speak now and quickly: Yo Hua Kwai Suo
  • Speaking without a clue: Shiah Hwa (“blind talk”)
  • Stupid: Yu-Buhn Deh
  • Suicidal idea: Tze-Sah Ju-Yi
  • Surrender, give up: Toh Shung
  • Sweetheart, treasure: Bao-Bei
  • Swindle: Gwai
  • Take care, stay healthy: Bao Zhong (“maintain weight”)
  • Talk nonsense: Shia Suo
  • Thank you: Xie-Xie
  • That has nothing to do with it: Na Mei Guan Xi
  • There’s nothing about this plan that isn’t horrific: Zuh-Guh Ji Hua Juhn Kuh Pah
  • Things never go smooth: Hao Wu-Rin Bu-Lai
  • This is pretty dangerous: Zhen Tama Yao-Meng
  • To throw in a monkeywrench: Gwai Ma Zhao (“twist a horse’s legs while it’s galloping”)
  • Trouble, problem, complication: Ma Fahn
  • Tyrant, iron-fisted ruler: Ba Wong
  • Understand?: Dohng-Mah?
  • Very: Feh-Qin
  • Violent lunatic: Xiong-Meng Deh Kuang-Rehn
  • Wait / Hold on a second: Deng-Yi Mao
  • Warning someone against doing things “the hard way”: Tzin Joh-Bu Che-Che Fah Tzo (“choosing to sip the wine of penalty over that of respect”)
  • Water: Swei
  • We, us: Wo-Mun, Wo-Mun Deh for ours.
  • Weapon: Ja-Hwo
  • Weak-ass sauce: Lan-Dan Tziang
  • We’re in big trouble: Ai-Ya Wo-Mun Wan-Leh
  • What: Shen-Meh?
  • What the hell is this crap?: Zuh Shi Shen-Meh Lon Dohng-Shee?
  • Yes: Shi
  • You: Ni, Ni-Deh for yours, Ni-Mehn for plural, Ni-Mehn Deh for plural possessive.
  • You don’t deserve it: Ni-Bu Ying Deh Zuh-Goh
  • You wanna die?: Ni Tzao Se Mah?
  • Young lady, little miss: Xiao Mei-Mei
  • Young one: Nyan-Qing Deh (“infant teeth”)
  • You’re crazy: Fa Kuang
  • You’re hurt: Ni Shao Shang-leh
  • You’re mad/insane: Fa Feng


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