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  • Bocce

    _*Bocce is a trade language spoken throughout the Galaxy, primarily for business transactions between beings that have no languages in common.*_ _*Special Notes*_: The symbol _Q_ is pronounced _Tch_ (a harder, tighter 'CH' sound), and the symbol _X_ is …

  • Galactic Traveler's PhraseGuides

    _*Thank-you for purchasing one of Galactic Traveller's line of PhraseGuides and instructional linguistic tutorials. Please select a language:*_ [[Aurebesh (Alphabet) | Aurebesh (Alphabet)]] [[Bocce | Bocce]] [[Huttese | Huttese]]

  • Huttese

    _*Huttese is the native tongue of the Hutt species, and is common throughout much of Hutt Space. Many species that are servants or slaves to the Hutts commonly speak it as well.*_ *A* * A/One: _Un_ * Activate/Start/Begin: _Rundee_ * Alcohol/Wine/ …

  • Aurebesh (Alphabet)

    _*Aurebesh is the written alphabet for the spoken language of Basic, the most commonly spoken language in the galaxy and the native tongue of most Humans.*_ [[File:685448 | class=media-item-align-none | Aurebesch-Characters.png]]