"Time for some thrilling heroics!"


Background: Occupation → Politics
Class: Noble → 8 / Officer → 10
Role: Captain
Species: Zeltron


The daughter of a senatorial aide for Zeltros, Soleil joined the Republic Judicicals at the age of 20, while on Coruscant with her father. Inspired by the stories involving the Judicials and the Jedi, bringing peace to planets across the Galaxy, Soleil stayed with the Judicials even through the Clone Wars. Injured during the Battle of Muunilinst, Soleil witnessed firsthand the death of her superior, Jedi General Antilles at the hands of their Clone troops. Intensely saddened by this, she resigned her post during her recovery, and decided to pursue a life outside the reaches of the Empire, where she could reclaim the freedom she once knew before the Clone Wars. To this end, she purchased the starship Ataraxia which she now Captains, along with her childhood friend/ First Mate, Raighl Nova and her crew of galactic misfits.


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