Shamü Abyssail

"Next up, ME!"


Background: Occupation → Law Enforcement
Class: Soldier → 8 / Elite Trooper →8
Role: Soldier
Species: Herglic


Born to parents who made their living as modest merchants, Shamü always aspired to be something more than just another Herglic trader in the Galaxy. Taking on a job as a Security & Compliance officer with the Commerce Guild, nearly 50 years before the Clone Wars, meant a gateway to wealth and prestige that he could scarcely imagine. Over the decades his expertise in both safeguarding Commerce Guild assets and ensuring those who owed the Commerce Guild made good on their contracts, was noticed by top executives. When the Commerce Guild joined with the Trade Federation, Banking Clans, Corporate Alliance and Techno Union in their signing of the Separatist Treaty on the Outer Rim planet of Geonosis, Shamü was there coordinating many of the Commerce Guilds’ droid forces. As the Clone Wars dragged on however, it became increasingly clear to Shamü that Commerce Guild profits were falling, being plundered by both the Separatist war effort, and Dooku for some unknown purpose. His future in jeopardy, he surrendered to Jedi Master Mace Windu during a rout of Shamü’s forces at the Battle of Malastare, and began the process of defecting from the Separatists to the Republic.
Armed with documentation that could prove a member of the senate was colluding with Dooku, possibly even this Sith “master” the Jedi spoke of, he was dismayed by his subsequent detention in a prison on Coruscant. After an attempt on his life was made in prison, Shamü no longer felt safe in Republic custody, later escaping during a prison riot started by a young bounty hunter. Fleeing to the Outer Rim, Shamü kept his head down, worked odd jobs, and waited for the Clone Wars to end. Now wanted by the Empire as a war criminal, Shamü has had to keep moving to stay a step ahead of his pursuers, eventually taking passage aboard Ataraxia and using his skills as a Soldier to provide security to Captain Soleil and her crew.

Shamü Abyssail

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