"Beep. Bwoooo-Beep? Ern-Ern"


Droid → 2nd Degree
Class: Scoundrel → 9 / Independent Droid → 9
Role: Slicer


S19-N5, or “Signs” for short, was found by Captain Soleil aboard Ataraxia, her newly acquired starship. Little is known about the droid other than his model number, manufacture, and odd quirks. Signs is an S19-Series astromech droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica, one of the major droid producers in the galaxy, though the S19’s haven’t been on the market for some time. Hardly unusual, but what is, is that the droid was not part of the purchase of Ataraxia and was not on any past cargo manifests registered with it. Though rather mysterious, Signs has proven useful in the past, navigating the ship through hyperspace and making necessary repairs. Often acting like a rescued pet, Signs is socially awkward, sometimes cowardly and leaks coolant, fluid, or parts when ‘startled’. He has become accustomed to Captain Soleil, and her First Mate Raighl Nova over the last few years, and responds well to them, but few others. Since repaired by Max, Signs now functions as the crew’s adopted ‘pet’, often helping out in the most unusual ways with its new upgrades. Since Raiden Anders departure from Ataraxia S19-N5 has been re-programmed and retrofitted once again by Max to act as the crew’s Slicer.


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