Oduph Nychoth



Background: Planetary → Ithor
Class: Soldier → 12 / Ace Pilot → 3
Role: Muscle
Species: Ithorian


Oduph Nychoth left Ithor at the age of 21 with dreams of joining the Army of the Galactic Republic, at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Though he was an exceptional fighter, his lack of a combat speciality and possession of a head much too large for standard-issue helmets, resulted in his application being rejected. He left in a rage to seek fame and fortune wherever someone needed someone to kick pi-gu . Arriving in a turbulent time on Mandalore, he spent several years working with everyone from bounty hunters to swoop gangs, before taking a job off-world on the nearby planet Null, in the Mid Rim. He has since betrayed his employers, The Kanjiklub Gang, on Null after a standoff with Captain Soleil and her crew. Oduph has now joined Captain Soleil’s crew as Muscle aboard her starship, Ataraxia.

Oduph Nychoth

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