Moska the Hutt

"Now for you, my reputation is fact, is...solid"


Moska the Hutt is an enterprising old Hutt, as malicious and sadistic as he is ancient. Once a member of the Five Hutt Clans, a nephew brought disgrace to their name after a bungled slave-trafficking operation delivered their slaves right into the hands of the Jedi. After having his nephew executed for his incompetence, Moska turned to the Hutt Cartel for opportunities to gain back his former power. Decades passed and so too did Moska’s reputation for torture and cruelty when exacting his wrath upon those who had failed him, or broken their contracts with him. Strangely, this behaviour was not about punishing his associates but “meeting” truly with them. He quoted the Sith as stating that, “you could share a house with someone, share every meal with them, talk on every subject for twenty years and never truly know them. Instead, take them to the volcanoes’ edge, hold them over it, and finally you will have truly met them for the first time”. After personally reclaiming the lost space station Port Nowhere from deep in Hutt Space, he was tasked by the Hutt Cartel to establish new posts for the cartel to operate through. However, Moska had other plans and began consolidating power for himself in the northern regions of the galaxy, creating his own Hutt Syndicate, separate from the Cartel.

Moska has been angered by the death of his Zygerrian Lieutenant, Krall, at the hands of Captain Soleil and her crew, after they broke a deal with the old Hutt. Moska has since been slain by Shamü Abyssail, after he kidnapped Captain Soleil and the mechanic Maxemillian-Dobeedeevee.

Moska the Hutt

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