Benjamin Late

"Does that seem right to you?"


A mysterious man, little is known about Benjamin Late, save for his impressive reputation as a bounty hunter, his starship The Shyrack, and his helmet he rarely removes. A top member of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, Benjamin was dubbed “Grand Champion” of the Great Hunt two years ago, which brought him to the attention of the Empire. His Imperial contracts have been for a variety of individuals, everything from renegade Jedi to disloyal politicians; he completes these assignments to the letter, sometimes literally. Oddly, the only other thing known about him is the way he talks, in a strange philosophising, poetic manner. Given the fact that few have seen his face, a popular rumor is that he’s an alien hiding his identity to gain favour with the Empire. Others claim that he’s horribly disfigured underneath the helmet, a result of a bounty escaping from him during his very first contract. The only thing that is certain however, is that if Benjamin is hunting you, it’s already too Late….

Benjamin Late was vented out one of Ataraxia‘s airlocks after attempting to capture it, Captain Soleil and her crew, and has been presumed dead. He survived by using his last seconds to board his starship, mere meters from Ataraxia. He was killed once and for all after being torn in two by Shamü Abyssail’s considerable strength.

Benjamin Late

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