Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

It's Never Easy


Just outside Whitefall, Dantooine

Crouching in the grass over the ridge, a Sullustan sees the Zeltron Captain walk out of the canyon along with a white-haired woman, an Ithorian with a scar, and a small box-shaped droid painted green and white. Thanking his good luck at being able to jump that two-timing info-broker’s new clients, he slides down the hill once the motley crew of spacers has disappeared from sight. Checking his speeder, the Sullustan pulls his lockbox from the seat and walks towards the mouth of the canyon. Squeezing his way into the narrow passage, he walks the canyon’s floor, noting some deep ravines and jagged crags that have worried their way deeper into the canyon.

Parked on an unbroken part of the canyon floor is a starship, a freighter to be exact, painted in dark gray and blue. The word Ataraxia is painted in a stylish script, bright indigo against the dark blues and grays of the starship. “I haven’t seen a Voidturtle-Class freighter in a while,” the Sullustan thinks to himself, stroking his dewflaps, before securing his lockbox over a crest in the canyon wall. He tries and looks for any signs of activity onboard, but sees none. Maybe he got lucky and nobody is home. Walking up to the boarding ramp he tries to activate the panel, but it’s been print-locked, probably to that Zeltron and her crew. Steeling himself for a fight, but putting an amiable look on his face in case he can bluff his way onboard, the Sullustan knocks hard on the boarding ramp to the starship.

The ramp descends, and a disheveled Bith, a large-eyed Chadra-Fan in a flight suit, and a blue-furred Squib greet the Sullustan at it’s top. “Can we, uh, help you?” The Bith asks, unaware of the thieving Sullustan’s intentions. “I’m looking for a way off this grassy rock,” the Sullustan, Danir, replies, only half-lying. “Then you’re in the right place, you betcha,” the little blue Squib says, motioning him into the ship. “which one of you is the Captain?” Danir asks, to which the three of them inform him that their Captain is in Whitefall, but will be back in a few hours. “Oh, but I have to leave as soon as possible,” Danir informs them, still guarding his intentions to steal this ship from under them, by any means necessary. They begin to give Danir a tour of Ataraxia as they quibble over whether or not they just take their Captain‘s ship for a joyride out of system and back to get him to his destination. While showing Danir the galley, the Bith, “”/characters/b-b-wailing-jinkins" class=“wiki-content-link”>B.B.," gives him a cup of the worst caf he’s have ever had, it literally still has grounds and whole caf beans in it.

Danir winces, coughs and chokes on the disgusting caf, spitting some of it onto the floor, causing B.B. to shout at him. Taking this as his moment, Danir throws his cup of steaming hot caf (if it could be called caf) into B.B.‘s face and draws a hold-out blaster, pointing it at Tik’Trii. “Give me control of this ship,” Danir utters in the deepest and most menacing tone possible, hoping they’ll be cowards and give him what he wants. “Run Tickletree!” Danir hears B.B. scream, right before something is smashed on Danir’s head from behind. Dazed, realizing that must’ve been the caf pot, Danir wipes the steaming caf from his face and shoots Tik’Trii, grazing his shoulder. “Stang!” Danir swears, cursing that he missed and couldn’t just end the pesky rodent.

Danir turns and fires at B.B., missing entirely and hitting the caf machine behind him. Danir tosses away his hold-out blaster in anger, and tries to dive for some cover, but not before Max shoots him with a powerful beam from some sort of cobbled-together blaster rifle. Taking it in the chest, the beam knocks Danir to the floor, with Tik’Trii drawing a pulse-wave blaster, and firing it at Danir. A searing sensation erupts all over his skin as the pulse-wave begins frying neurons and slightly cooking flesh. Danir rolls out of the pulse, drawing a vibro-knife from his boot and throw it at Max, burying it deeply in his left shoulder. “Doobee-Doobee! NO!” Screams B.B., swinging at Danir with some sort of musical instrument, only managing to get the Sullustan angry. Danir pushes him away and rushes at Tik’Trii, hoping to knock that kriffing pulse-wave blaster from his hand. Instead he runs straight into a bright orange explosion; that psychotic womp-rat had a grenade!

Everything is a bright white, Danir’s eyes still adjusting from the flare of the explosion. Everything hurts. He struggles to get up, and his vision begins to clear, but the pain is too much and he sinks back down to the deck of the starship. Tik’Trii stands over him with clearly singed fur, pulse-wave pistol in hand; the other two cluster in close, crowding Danir’s sight. “And now, you die,” Tik’Trii says, his face twisting into a snarl that would almost be cute, if it weren’t so malice-filled. The pulse-wave fires, sending Danir into searing agony. Something is smoking, and smells like burnt meat, and Danir has a bad feeling that it’s him. “Are you still not dead? Well, we’re gonna have to do something about that,” Tik’Trii snarls, and the pulse-wave fires again. Instead of pain, Danir’s world turns black.

B.B. and Tik’Trii proceed to argue about what to do with the dead Sullustan. Max however, decides to slowly push the still-bleeding body of said Sullustan, down Ataraxia‘s boarding ramp and off into a small ravine with all its worthless effects. "Ick, I’ve got Sullustan blood all over my fur!" He squeaks, before coming across a small personal lockbox in the cliff wall, which he stashes inside his shipsuit, zipping it up stealthily and returning to Ataraxia with his ill-gotten salvage.



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