"I'm a being of many talents. Care to watch?"


Posing as a young man born on the planet Agamar, Viridian tricked her way aboard Ataraxia by marrying Captain Soleil during a celebration in the town of Triumph. Working as a bounty hunter for Moska the Hutt, Viridian sabotaged Ataraxia and fled with Dr. Mira Tadro‘s shuttle to Mygeeto. Both her and the stolen shuttle were tracked down by Soleil, who has recovered her shuttle and settled her score against the shapeshifting Clawdite. Viridian was last seen in the guise of a Human woman, left tied up in a cabin on Mygeeto by Captain Soleil and her crew, under the condition that she won’t pursue Ataraxia again.

Some of Captain Soleil‘s crew ran into Viridian on Cato Neimoidia, where they made a deal with her to retrieve and deliver heirloom that belonged to Baj’R. Viridian has since been killed by Captain Soleil, during a job where they were to steal a lightsaber from Imperial Admiral Hamner.


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