Varyk Blackstar

"Ju-Li, do the thing!"


Varyk Blackstar, a self-described inventor, industrialist, genius and entrepreneur, tries to have a hand in everything that is great in the Galaxy. Having inherited a modest trading firm from his mother on Commenor, Varyk transformed the Star-Ocean Trading Company into the now-infamous Varytek Systems with its headquarters on Bescane. Investing in everything from caf and HoloVids to starship-grade armaments and hyperdrives has allowed Varytek Industries to gain the advantage in the development of new technologies for both the consumer market, and the Empire. Rumor has it that Varytek Systems is set to unveil a brand new hyperdrive model, apparently faster than anything legally on the market.

Captain Soleil’s crew have since stolen this prototype hyperdrive, and have successfully installed it on Ataraxia.

Varyk Blackstar

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