Raighl Nova

"Sucks to suck, eh?"


Background: Event → Scarred
Class: Noble → 7 / Gunslinger → 10
Role: First Mate
Species: Umbaran


Orphaned as a child, Raighl Nova was found by a Republic Senator while on his way to a meeting in the lower levels of Coruscant. Taking pity on the poor Umbaran child, her face disfigured by a large scar, Senator Wolram of Zeltros decided he would adopt her into his household. After ascertaining that her parents could not be found Senator Wolram was satisfied that he, his wife, and their household of retainers and aides would provide a fit and caring home for the orphaned child. Even one of his aides had his own daughter with him, close in age to the orphaned child; the two could be close friends, even sisters. In the years since, when her close friend Soleil joined the Judicials to help serve the Republic, Raighl wanted little to do with it, satisfied with her status as a senator’s daughter. While Soleil fought in the Clone Wars, Raighl fought with her posh upper-crust friends on Coruscant. The change in galactic government however, has had a lasting impact on Raighl. The Empire stripped her father of his senate position and authority, putting control of Zeltros under the command of the regional Governor. Now without much of the wealth and status she once enjoyed, Raighl has teamed up with her childhood friend Soleil in order to make her mark on the galaxy. Preferably one that makes her rich while taking the Empire down a peg.

Raighl Nova

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