Raiden Anders

"I wonder what happens if I erase this?"


Raiden Anders was just your average Arkanian teenager, starting his studies in computer science at the Republic EduCorps facility on Mrisst when the Clone Wars began, tipping the Galaxy into a conflict not seen in a thousand years. While war never came to the Academy’s doors, trouble certainly did. Faced by budget constraints, the Republic Senate began reducing funding for the EduCorps program, leaving many students on Mrisst and elsewhere in the Galaxy uncertain about their futures. Three years later, as the Clone Wars ended, so too did the newly formed Empire‘s support for the EduCorps programs of the former Republic. With the EduCorps program suspended, Raiden’s tuition was revoked and access to the Imperial Academy barred to him only weeks away from his final exams and graduation. Angry and disillusioned, Raiden worked his way off Mrisst by using his computer science training to steal data and sell secrets to the highest bidder, eventually making his way to the Mid Rim world of Ord Mantell. It was there that he came across a piece of data too big to sell, at least not without the Empire taking notice: the flight logs from a luxury Punworcca-Class Interstellar Solar Sailer, which once belonged to the Separatist Leader and former Jedi Master Count Dooku of Serenno. Fearing what the data may hold, and on the run from the Empire, Raiden has taken passage aboard Ataraxia but has recently disembarked to meet with the mysterious slicer known as Mr. Galaxy.

Raiden perished during the orbital bombardment of Sernpidal by the Galactic Empire.

Raiden Anders

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