Mr. Galaxy

"You can't stop the signal...."


A former Republic SIS analyst during the Clone Wars, the individual known as “Mr. Galaxy” has been wanted for arrest by the Galactic Empire for the last six years, the difficulty being no-one can find him. At the end of the Clone Wars, he stole a datadrive containing “proof” that the war was an elaborate scam orchestrated by the Chancellor’s Office and the Jedi Order, but fled due to charges of treason being levied against him. Now a legend of sorts on the HoloNet, he has been broadcasting embarrassing Imperial secrets, anti-Imperial propaganda, and any form of arts, entertainment or media that would be otherwise censored or banned on the ’Net. Utilizing the HoloNet ID “Mr. Galaxy” (The same user ID as the individual who stole the datadrive) he has claimed to lead a one-person digital-war against the Empire. Some people have been rumored to actually have met the man, but such leads have turned up nothing but static for the Imperial agents that are tasked with finding him.

Mr. Galaxy has taken it upon himself, and his small team, to arm those who would fight against the Empire with the information that would help them succeed. He has become a de facto recruiter for the Smuggler’s Alliance, arranging and organizing their pick-ups, runs, and drop-offs; Mr. Galaxy has also relayed critical information and supplies to The Greenjackets, though he distrusts their Commander greatly.

Mr. Galaxy

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