"No worry! Me fix this!"


Background: Planetary → Taris
Class: Scoundrel → 4 / Scout → 3 / Improviser → 4 / Military Engineer → 5
Role: Mechanic
Species: Squib


Maxemillion-Dobeedeevee was born on the city planet of Taris. His family collectively owns a modified freighter that they use as a home and a storage unit/storefront. They scavenge and stockpile goods from one planet then sell their wares all across the galaxy before travelling to the next salvage oppurtunity. They only scavenged on Taris for two years after Maxemillian’s birth before travelling to Borgo Prime to sell their wares. Another birth in the family eight years later, caused the need for someone to leave the ship to make room for the baby. Maxemillian-Dobeedeevee volunteered to leave with conditions: he would receive a quarter of all salvage currently on the ship, he retains all personal belongings, he would be given enough credits for trip essentials and that he would be able to choose any planet in the galaxy to be dropped off at. After much bargaining and bartering the deal that was made was that upon being dropped off on the planet Dubrillion. Maxemillian-Dobeedeevee would retain all personal belongings, he will receive a small amount of credits for travel essentials and he would receive the Squib Tensor Rifle or “Boomstick”. After this was decided the family had a going away party for Maxemillian where he was then left on the planet Dubrillion and has been there for the last 200 days repairing starships and looking for a Captain that will take him on as their ship’s Mechanic. He has since been hired by Captain Soleil as the Mechanic on the starship Ataraxia.


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