Hondo Ohnaka

"Don't wait for opportunity to strike. Steal it instead!"


Hondo Ohnaka was once a famous pirate during the Clone Wars, head of the Ohnaka Gang located in the Outer Rim. Cunning and opportunistic, the pirate Hondo even kidnapped the Separatist leader Count Dooku, as well as two Jedi Knights to ransom back to the Republic, though unsuccesfully. These days, with his gang broken up and scattered to the cosmic winds, Hondo has had to look for new opportunities and new business associates in the ever-tightening fist of the Empire. Recently he has teamed up with a similarly scruple-lacking member of the Wu And Sons Trade Emporium, Da-Ghu Wu in a number of risky business ventures.

Hondo has had to call on Captain Soleil and her crew to rescue him, and his partner from a few of these various misadventures.

Hondo Ohnaka

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