Dr. Mira Tadro

"Sit still, this won't hurt a bit!"


Background: Event → Orphan
Class: Noble → 7 / Medic → 10
Role: Medic
Species: Miraluka


Mira was born in a small village on Alpheridies where family meant everything. She was brought up into a loving home where she was inspired to be like her parents, her mother was a medic with the Med-Corps on Alpheridies while her father worked as a lecturer in the Luka Sene. However her parents, like most Miralukans, opposed the Empire, and refused to send their only daughter to the re-education camps for Force-Sensitives on the planet Byss, or to relocate themselves. On Mira’s 15th birthday her entire family was awoken by the sounds of orbital bombardment. As her mother rushed Mira into the cellar, all Mira could think about was ‘why can’t I do anything to help?’ Finally, when Mira thought the battle was over, she ran outside only to see her whole village destroyed. Her family was gone and so was her childhood. That day Mira realized her destiny, she was never going to let this happen ever again and she was going to help as many people she could in the process. She left her homeworld and decided to become a doctor and though the odds were against her, at the age of 19 she graduated from a Med-Corp academy on Alderaan, one of the last in the galaxy still open to non-humans. Mira has since been investigating Dark-Side cultists for Ahsoka Tano, which led her to Dantooine. She was rescued by Captain Soleil and her crew from a dark and disturbing fate, and has joined them as their Medic.
Nokri, the Cracian Thumper, is Mira’s animal she keeps in the Port Cargo Bay.
Level 7 → Large Beast 4 / Scout 3
HP → 56 | BA + 5 | Grapple +13 | SP → 9
Stats → Str 16/Dex 20/Con 16/Int 3/Wis 14/Cha 11
Defenses → Ref 21(16 FF)/Fort 17/Will 15 | DT → 22
Attacks → +9 Claw(1d6 +6 Slash)/ +9 Tail(1d8 +6 Bludgeon)
+13 Charge(1d6 Slash or 1d8 Bludegon +10) 2×4sq minimum
Talents → Long Stride / Surefooted
Feats → Running Attack/Skill Focus [Stealth]/Shake It Off
Rebel Military Training/Powerful Charge/Trample
Special → Reach 1 /Natural Armor +1 /Scent
(Ignore Cover/Concealment in 10sq, No Tracking Penalty)
Skills → Climb +6 /Endurance +6 /Initiative +8 /Jump +6
Perception +5 /Stealth +13 /Survival +10 /Swim +5

Dr. Mira Tadro

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