Di-Ghu Wu

"Welcome to Di-Ghu's! What can I get ya?"


Captain Di-Ghu Wu (as he’ll insist you refer to him as) is the fourth son of Lao-Ghong Wu and is the Captain of Di-Ghu’s Shopship, a subsidiary of Wu And Sons. A buoyant and boisterous man, Di-Ghu is proud of his families’ fortunes, and always has a smile on his face for a customer. A notorious drinker, Di-Ghu has a soft-spot for any booze, or alcohol-related goods. His sister Ting-Leh maintains Di-Ghu’s Shopship, while his brother Bi-Do pilots and acts as Di-Ghu’s right-hand man if he’s away, or nursing a hangover. Di-Ghu and the crew of his shopship often trade and do business with Captain Soleil and the crew of Ataraxia.

Di-Ghu and his crew have recently been recruited into the Smuggler’s Alliance by Captain Soleil

Di-Ghu Wu

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