Da-Ghu Wu

"Here's your cut of the uh...work? We'll call it even."


Da-Ghu Wu is Lao-Ghong Wu‘s eldest son. Despite being considered by his father as the heir to his enterprise, Da-Ghu has other plans for his future. Fiercely independent and pushed forward by the disgrace he feels the Galactic Empire has dealt his family and his father, Da-Ghu has established his own network of contacts separate from the trading his father expects from him and his siblings. Da-Ghu has thrown in with the Smuggler’s Alliance, and has pulled off dangerous operations for them involving theft of data and military-grade weapons and starships from the Galactic Empire over the last two years, often teaming up with the Weequay pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.

Da-Ghu has provided Captain Soleil and her crew with jobs, though there are untold or unforeseen risks associated with them that he often fails to mention.

Da-Ghu Wu

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