" 'Ave I got a deal fo' you Captain"


A small-time criminal with big-time pursuits, Baj’R is the type of human that gives Hutt’s a run for their credits in greasiness. The leader of a small group of smugglers, pirates, dealers and brokers, Baj’r has carved himself out a nice little niche in the Ord Mantell criminal underworld. At odds with the influence that the Hutt Syndicate has been exerting throughout the region, Baj’r has recently thrown his backing towards the Smuggler’s Alliance to ensure his criminal enterprise stays relevant and isn’t squeezed out by the Hutts. His headquarters near Persephone’s spaceport is always a place one can find a job, sell goods, or obtain that tidbit of information they’ve been searching for.

Baj’r has provided more than a few lucrative jobs for Captain Soleil and her crew in the past, despite some initial unpleasantness.


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