Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

Imperial Machinations

The Emperor & His Servant

Dusk falls over Coruscant, capital planet of the Galactic Empire; The Imperial Palace looms on the horizon, visible from all directions regardless of the maze of tall buildings. All evidence of the Imperial Palace’s former identity as the Jedi Temple has been erased from history, and existence. Emperor Palpatine sits in a dark, cavernous room on a tall, throne-like chair of seemingly polished stone; small square-shaped cuts can be seen etched into the walls of the former Jedi Holocron vault. The chair’s back is to the turbolift at the end of a hallway, the chamber’s only exit, and entrance. The turbolift door opens and Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, enters the chamber and kneels beside the gleaming ebony throne.



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