Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The Runaway

Cartann City, Adumar

You beep and whistle in frustration, but to no avail. The organics just won’t listen to you! You rotate around to lock your photoreceptor on the small Human that has stowed away on your Master’s shuttle. You move over to the crate the little Human is hiding in and with a sharp acceleration of your servomotors, push the box over, spilling the Human onto the deck of the RC-2 Twilight Scoutship. “Ow! Hey!” the little Human yells out, finally getting the attention of your organic crew. “Uh, guys?” Raiden asks, “since when was there a kid onboard?” “Intruder entry = Cartann spaceport” you whistle back, but B.B. begins shouting over you. “I’m not getting busted for kidnapping, I can barely make my alimony payments! We’re taking this brat back to Cartann City before anyone knows he’s gone. I thought my own kids were trouble, kriff!” You make a rude sound at the Bith, and wheel to the back of the shuttle. If only the organics had noticed the small Human sneaking into one of the crates while they were loading them in the spaceport, all this could have been avoided.

You demagnetize your treads after the shuttle’s descent through the atmosphere of Adumar, and wait for your organic crew to land at Cartann City’s spaceport, all the while focusing your photoreceptor on the little Human trying to escape the cord tying him up. Unfortunately the instant B.B. opens the shuttle’s airlock, the small Human snaps the cord and dashes out the door. You squeal in alarm, and Shamü charges out the airlock after the small Human. The large Herglic grabs the much, much smaller human by the collar and roughly hoists him around, right into a wave of stunning energy shot by Raiden. B.B. walks out of the RC-2 Twilight Scoutship with the crate the Human child was hiding in, making a chiding noise to his compatriots. “Tsk, tsk, Shamwow. Don’t you know anything about kidnapping? First you tie them up, then you put them where they can’t run. Like in this crate!” B.B. says, tossing the crate to Shamü and closing the airlock. The Herglic grunts in approval and begins securing the pesky little Human in the plasteel crate.

You trundle behind both Raiden and Shamü, trying hard to keep up. Organics move so fast! The three of you are navigating through the wide avenues of pedestrian traffic, the roads a yellow brick, nearly identical to that of which most of the local structures are built. Unfortunately, you are too busy recording the buildings to notice your organic crew have been stopped by some local security on the way to a local security station. The Herglic begins arguing with a few of the security officers who unholster their weapons. The security officers start aiming their weapons at your crewmembers, you trill in alarm and wheel behind a bench for some cover just as Shamü roars loudly and begins tossing security guards into the air. Raiden stuns one of the security officers only to have Shamü tromp on the poor man, breaking his ribs.

From your hiding spot behind the bench, you see the small Human wriggle his way out of the crate that Shamü had dropped in the fighting. The small Human begins hopping away from the fight, and you’re content to just hide behind the bench and leak your fluids, but Shamü yells a command to you. “Droid! Little astromech, the Human child is getting away! Can you be brave for me little droid? Go get him!” You rev up your servomotors and wonder whether the giant Herglic isn’t so scary after all, and chase down the little Human trying to hop to freedom. The Human turns around at the sound of you moving, but it doesn’t end up hurting your aim at all. You extend a probe from a side panel, and a blue electricity arcs jump from the probe to the little Human, stunning him, where he drops unconscious. You whistle back to Shamü and Raiden your small victory over the pesky organic, as they knock the last security officer unconscious.

You move back and forth, along the wall opposite where Raiden, Shamü, and B.B. sit in chairs in the security office, waiting for their claim to be processed. Your chronometer tracks the time, and you mark that fifty-seven minutes and seventeen seconds have passed since the four of you submitted your security claim. Five Humans exit one of the offices behind the reception area, and walk towards the four of you, the small pesky Human you chased down is positioned between two larger Humans who appear to share some similar features. A security captain walks forward and greets B.B., Raiden, and Shamü while ignoring you entirely. “I’d like to apologize for the mix-up,” the security captain says. “These people would like to thank you for finding their son, it seems he’s a bit of a trouble maker. We’ll be dropping all charges as well, some of our men will be a bit embarrassed, but since no-one was seriously injured I’m willing to let this slide.” The progenitor Humans begin talking to your organic crew, possessively holding their Human offspring between them. The Humans hand something to Shamü, and their offspring makes a silly face at you, to which you warble loudly in response.

The four of you leave the security office and return to the Cartann City spaceport, starting up B.B.‘s RC-2 Twilight Scoutship. You board the shuttle and trundle to a spot behind the co-pilot seat, where you lock and magnetize your treads for the journey off Adumar. “Next time we decide to go out for a drink, maybe we make sure not to kidnap anyone?” Raiden says to the others, exasperatingly. "Now where’s the fun in that Raiden?" Shamü says chuckling deeply, “Where’s the fun in that?”



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