Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

Escape From Alderaan

A Wanted Herglic

Bernadette, Alderaan

“It was gracious of the Captain to give us this vacation on the planet while she has her meeting in orbit, don’t you think Tik’Trii?” Shamü says loudly and boisterously to his much smaller, and furrier compatriot. “Just as long as you don’t end up kidnapping a child by accident,” Tik’Trii retorts, as he raises an arm to shield his eyes from the glare of Alderaan‘s sunset. The two of them, as well as Max and Raiden walk loosely together down the broad city avenue, noticing the various flowers in full bloom, and the music being played openly in the street. “If the sun is setting, maybe it best we go back to the shuttle?” squeaks Max to his companions, not moments before an Imperial probe droid and two stormtroopers round the corner, practically knocking into the group of aliens. "Hey! Watch where you’re going citizens!" The lead stormtrooper yells at the group, before being visibly intimidated by what exactly he’s yelling at, as nearly a half ton of battle-scarred Herglic marches up to confront him.

Before Shamü can say anything to the stormtroopers, the Imperial probe droid scans Shamü and elicits an alarm, displaying a wanted holo to the stormtroopers with a much younger Shamü Abyssail wearing a Separatist military uniform. Upon seeing this the stormtrooper draws his blaster on Shamü and yells “Stop! you’re under arrest!”. Hearing this Raiden pulls out his pistol and stuns the trooper unconscious with a blast. The probe droids holo fades away as it spins towards the stormtrooper’s assailant but before it can shoot the Arkanian a massive foot zooms into it’s optical sensor shattering it and the droid as it hits the permacrete. Shamü extricates his foot from the wreckage of the droid and lumbers towards the last trooper but before he gets there a burst of microwave energy leaps from Tik’Trii’s blaster cooking the last trooper through her armor eliciting a few pained shrieks until she could cry no longer.

“It good thing me not need to shoot cause me make BIG BOOM!” exclaimed Max. “You really are loud for such a sneaky furball. You really should get something a little more suited to your size and leave the big guns to me,” said Shamü. “Dis’ a squib gun it too smart for you, and you no tell me what to do! You not my captain!” Max retorted his fur bristling in response to his anger. “Calm down there little one we’re on the same side here” Shamü said while laughing “It was just a suggestion since you’re always sneaking around and I prefer my concussion rifle anyway” Shamü pointed out. Managing to calm down a little bit Max asked the Herglic “So why they have your holo and after you anyway?” “I may have been a (Cough) ranking member of the (Cough) Separatist army during the Clone Wars,” Shamü said evasively. “Not that Tik’Trii cares, but why didn’t you mention this to us earlier?” Tik’Trii asked. “Well there was always a chance it would bring unwanted attention and I figured you wouldn’t let me hang around if you knew,” replied Shamü. “We’re not scared of a little danger! Danger is my middle name!” Max exclaimed while brandishing his squib rifle. “Well since the Empire is after us I guess that means our vacations over,” said Raiden as he swaps his blaster’s power pack. While groaning Tik’Trii said “Tik’Trii didn’t even get to eat at The Elysium Table yet” “You can eat later we need to head to the spaceport and get back on Ataraxia before they find us” Raiden retorted. “Sounds like a plan, but how do we get through the spaceport security now that they’re looking for us?” asked Shamü. “Just follow me and we make it through fine!” exclaimed the Squib.

While sneaking their way towards the spaceport outskirts, the crew met with no patrols but did find it odd that they saw no starships leaving or landing at the spaceport. Managing to sneak into the spaceport itself with no trouble, the four crew members got to their RC-2 Twilight Scoutship without incident, but found that they could not use it to escape due to a shield canopy over the hangar locking it down. This left the crew arguing about how to deal with the situation for a while until Shamü chimed in, by saying “You know there are imperial codes to unlock the hangar bay right? All we need to do is get them from the Officer stationed here.” “Well where exactly is the Officer? Cause me not want to spend whole day running round’ spaceport shootin’ imps,” exclaimed Max. “They should be stationed at an office in the stormtrooper barracks,” Shamü responded. “So they’re looking for us and your great idea is to run into their barracks guns blazing. Are you trying to get us killed?” Raiden asked scathingly. “Ya! As much as Tik’Trii likes to cook stormtroopers Tik’Trii doesn’t think we can roast an entire garrison,” Tik’Trii said. “Calm down guys. Most of the stormtroopers should be out looking for us so we shouldn’t have too much to worry about. We also snuck our way here no sweat so maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to sneak through the barracks too,” Shamü responded. “Even if it is just the stragglers at the barracks it’s probably more than the four of us can handle and don’t make me laugh! Not even stormtroopers are stupid enough to miss seeing a huge kriffing Herglic walking around their barracks!” Raiden retorted angrily. “If you have better idea then speak up, but if not then me think we stuck with this one” Max pointed out. “Well I don’t have a better idea but that doesn’t mean this ones good. Just don’t blame me when it all goes to poodoo!” Raiden exclaimed. Although divided on their course of action, the crew headed in the direction of the spaceport’s Imperial barracks.



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