Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy


Stormtrooper Ambush

Just outside Stalbans, Mygeeto

‘’Tik’Trii why aren’t we going anywhere? We’re still on Mygeeto, and I’m kinda worried what the Empire may do if they found out we blew up that gunship and Lieutenant whats-his-face along with it,‘’ Soleil asks her Pilot, who only shakes his head at her. "Captain, Captain, Tik’Trii may be the best pilot in the outer rim, maybe the galaxy, but even Tik’Trii won’t fly a ship in a blizzard. Have you seen the blizzard? I didn’t think water could actually look beautiful, or not likely to drown me. We’re stuck here until it let’s up, Captain." Soleil activates the ship-wide comms and informs the rest of her crew that they may be on Mygeeto for at least the next rotation. Not a few minutes later Oduph climbs up the ladder to the cockpit. “Uh, Captain, not leaving may not work out too well for me. I’ve got er, a powerful burning in my nethers, if you uh, catch my drift?” “Are you, are you coming on to me? Because that is the most disgus—” Soleil sputters, but Oduph interrupts. “No Captain! Don’t flatter yourself; I mean a literal burning. I think I might need a doctor, but I was hoping to get another opinion first?” Tik’Trii begins squeakily laughing at Oduph‘s misfortune, "This may be called the cockpit Oduph, but this is not the place to do that. Tik’Trii thinks B.B. can at least relate, maybe you should go see him?" To which Oduph slinks out of the cockpit.

A short time later Soleil hears the thrum of engines, as B.B. starts up his RC-2 Twilight Scoutship; Soleil hears B.B. over the comms, “Captain, Ohdoofus here needs to see a doctor about his Ithorian dingus. We’ll be back. Don’t leave without us!” Cursing at the both of them Soleil slams her hand down into the arm of the flight chair she’s sitting in. Leaning forward though, she notices something strange past the cockpit’s viewport; lots of kicked up snow. Soleil climbs down the ladder, only to be startled by a shaking and whistling S19-N5. “What’s the problem buddy? Need an oil change?” But S19-N5 beeps and squeals back to her that there are incoming life-forms converging on the ship, three of which are less than one hundred meters to the boarding ramp. Soleil quickly comms everyone else to meet her at the airlock to B.B.‘s shuttle. As the crew begin to form up around the airlock, an amplified voice broadcasts a message through the snowstorm, which they all can hear. "Thought you could get rid of me that easy Captain? You might have destroyed my gunship, but my crew survived and we came with reinforcements. Give up the Clone, or we’ll bury you in this storm!" As Lieutenant Warrens finishes his speech, Ataraxia is rocked by a detonation, nearly knocking Soleil to the floor.

“These guys just don’t give up!” Raighl hisses next to Soleil, as she motions the crew to jump out the back of the airlock into the soft snow below. Soleil hopes they can take out these stormtroopers before they can do any more damage to Ataraxia, or call for even more back-up. One by one each of the crew make the jump, with Shamü carrying S19-N5 until they drop to the snow below; Max however, decides to clamber up the ring of the airlock, and on top of Ataraxia. Three men stride through the blowing snow beneath the ship, blaster rifles drawn; two of the men are in full stormtrooper armor while one is in an Imperial officer’s uniform, presumably Lieutenant Warrens, whose face is now badly burned. “Give us the Clone now, Captain!” Lieutenant Warrens orders, but Soleil whips her blaster out of its holster instead, and squeezes off two shots at the Lieutenant. Two bolts of blue energy fizzle into the Lieutenant, one in his shoulder the other in his thigh, and he immediately drops to the snow howling in anguish.

A rocket sails through the snow, detonating against the side of Ataraxia. “My ship!” Soleil screams at the two stormtroopers dragging Lieutenant Warrens behind the cover of a snowdrift. Blaster fire pings off the top of Ataraxia as unseen assailants take fire at Max who’s still on top of the ship. Racing to the edge of the top Max scrambles back down the edge of the airlock and jumps down into waist-deep snow. Tik’Trii unholsters his pulse-wave pistol and begins microwaving the snow drift the stormtroopers are taking cover behind, leaving both a melted puddle, and a melted stormtrooper. “You smuggler scum!” The remaining stormtrooper shouts, before a blaster bolt goes through the right eye of his helmet, killing him instantly. Blowing the steam cooling off the barrel of her blaster pistol, Raighl steps over the dead stormtrooper and advances on Lieutenant Warrens.

Soleil walks in-step with her first mate, blaster trained on Lieutenant Warrens. “Call off your men Lieutenant!” She demands, but he only smiles a broken smile, with half his face so badly burned. “These aren’t my men Zeltron, they’re from the local garrison. Even if you somehow managed to escape, the entire planet will be hunting for you before this storm lets up. You’re better off surrendering now before—urk!” A blue blaster bolt burns a hole through the Lieutenant’s chest as Soleil ends his authoritative rant prematurely. “Can’t catch us if you can’t send word back, now can you?” She says to Lieutenant Warrens as the light, and hate, slowly drains from his eyes. “C’mon, we have to find the other Imperials in the storm, otherwise they’ll get word back to their base! And by the stars, get that one shooting the rockets!” Soleil yells to her crew over the blizzard’s howling winds.

Splitting up into groups of two, each of the groups begin to comb through the storm out in the directions of the rockets, and the blaster fire that Max dodged while atop Ataraxia. S19-N5 powers up his energy shield, and Tik’Trii takes cover inside of it, the two of them trudging through the snow off in the direction of the rockets that were fired. Max and Shamü take off together eastward from Ataraxia, the small blue Squib clinging to the neck and shoulders of the large Herglic as he barrels over, and through, snowdrifts. Raighl and Raiden team up and head off in a northeastern direction, towards a source of blaster fire. A shuddering impact and a small explosion forces Soleil to her knees as another rocket explodes against Ataraxia ’s hull just above her head. Cursing, she takes off north, underneath her ship and its cockpit, emerging into the full force of the blizzard.

Nearly knocked off her feet by the wind and blinded by the blowing snow, Soleil tries to blink through it and spot something, anything, that looks like an Imperial uniform. Walking blindly ahead, a red bolt of energy blasts into the snow next to Soleil, spraying her with snow, water and steam. She takes off running in the direction of the blaster bolt, almost smacking face-first into a natural pillar of ice and rock. Crouched in a crevice above, trying to get a bead on Soleil with his blaster rifle, is a snowtrooper in all-white armor. Ducking from another blaster bolt, she dives around the pillar, and manages to squeeze off a couple shots from her blaster at the snowtrooper, wounding him. Rocket detonations go off in the distance, and Soleil thinks she can even see the explosion through the icy haze, but she’s not sure if her eyes are playing tricks on her or not. The snowtrooper clutches his bleeding and burned leg, and topples from his cover on the pillar, into the soft snow below. Unholstering a blaster pistol, the snowtrooper shoots Soleil and a searing burst of pain erupts from her left shoulder as the close graze of ionized plasma burns her jacket and flesh. Returning the favour, she puts a bolt of blue energy from her own blaster right into the snowtroopers chest, puncturing it and burning straight through.

Clutching her shoulder, Soleil takes off in the direction of the explosion she thought she saw, but instead runs into, and through S19-N5‘s energy shield. Tik’Trii microwaves a snowtrooper with the rocket launcher into a pulpy red mess on an ice shelf nearby, and the roar of engines overhead directs their attention skyward. An RC-2, B.B.‘s shuttle, clumsily pulls around in a loop overhead and docks with the airlock used to jump out of Ataraxia. The snow begins to fall much more softly, and Soleil’s comlink springs alive with the voice of Max cheering. “We got ’em, Captain! All the stormtroopers are dead, you betcha!” Running to Ataraxia Soleil engages the boarding ramp and Tik’Trii clambers up to the cockpit to start up the ship, while the rest of the crew hurriedly get on board. Walking aboard herself, Soleil notices Oduph emerging from B.B.’s shuttle.

“Everything clear up?” Soleil asks Oduph, pointedly. The Ithorian’s face deepens in colour and he stammers, “Uh, er, yeah, I’m all clear. We run into trouble Captain?” “Nothing we couldn’t handle,” Soleil says, “Next time you should actually stick around for the fighting, that is what I’m paying you for, isn’t it?” Oduph just grunts and walks back to his room. Lifting off, Ataraxia quickly accelerates into Mygeeto‘s atmosphere, and Soleil watches through the cockpit viewport as icy Mygeeto is left behind entirely. Tik’Trii activates the hyperdrive and stars swirl into the blue-white wake of hyperspace.



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