Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

A Way With Machines

Starship Repair

The Outer Rim

‘’ Dubrillion, Captain, it’s the only option. Tik’Trii hates it, but Tik’Trii can’t do anything about it. That last jump from Ord Cantrell knocked out our primary hyperdrive; S19-N5 is toast, so we’re basically limping until he can be repaired. They have races on Dubrillion and that means there’s mechanics for hire, Tik’Trii can guarantee it,‘’ the large-eyed Chadra-Fan says, staring at Soleil awaiting her response. "And it’ll take five whole days to get there?" Soleil asks, nervous about the implications of running on their backup hyperdrive. “Yep, five days, just like Tik’Trii said. There are other planets that are closer, but if there’s no-one who can fix the hyperdrive, or at least Signs then all that time and fuel are wasted Captain, and if we run into more problems we could be in real kriffing trouble.” She nods in agreement, and set the coordinates for Dubrillion into the NavComp, while Tik’Trii engages the hyperdrive. The stars disappear into the blue-white tunnel of hyperspace, and the crew of the Ataraxia settle in for the five-day journey to Dubrillion.

Dropping out of hyperspace, the blue and white planetary orb of Dubrillion lies beyond the starship’s viewport. Tik’Trii transmits Ataraxia‘s identity codes, and as you are cleared for landing he begins the descent through the planet’s atmosphere. Large oceans cover the planet’s surface, with large plateaued islands forming small continents; immediately they’re directed to the Newhall spaceport, located on one of the islands. Leaving Tik’Trii to guard the ship, and B.B. “Wailing” Jinkins to his own devices in his noisy shuttle, both Soleil and Raighl set out into the city in search of a Mechanic.

Dubrillion is nothing like Ketaris, with its damp fog and sharp cliffs, instead they take in the wide-open vistas, the clear skies and the bird calls that can be heard over the wind. Soleil and Raighl make their way through the streets, eventually finding a shopping district, then an industrial district, before reaching open-air merchants and speeder rentals on an edge of the island. Splitting up they begin talking to the various vendors and mechanics in the area, interested in their expertise, particularly hyperdrive repair. After being turned away from some of the speeder shops, Raighl returns to Soleil grinning, with a short blue-furred being in tow.

“This little guy says he can fix our droid, and the hyperdrive too, his name’s uh, what was your name again?” Raighl asks the diminutive being. ‘’Me name’s Maxemillian-Dobeedeevee Captain, and me the best at fixing starships on this planet here, you betcha,‘’ the little Squib says to Soleil, affecting a mock salute. ’’Your friend here says you looking for Mechanic, and now you found me, so now we make good deal, yeah?‘’ “Sure, uh, Max. How about we return to my, starship and we can work out the details?” She suggests, eager to have both Ataraxia and S19-N5 repaired. Max nods in agreement, and follows Soleil and Raighl back to the spaceport. Max settles into one of the engine compartments, already tinkering on S19-N5. “Your droid be better than ever after me done with it Captain, you betcha,” the Squib announces, quite pleased with himself that he’s already found ways to upgrade the boxy astromech droid.

Soleil leaves her newly hired Mechanic to his work, while she decides to hit the local cantina, without any of her crew, for a quick drink to herself. Not a block from the spaceport is a two-story building with a bar at street level and a restaurant on the second floor. Soleil enters, and she is assaulted by the sounds of a very amateur live band on the stage at the back of the establishment. Taking a seat at one of the stools at the bar and order a drink, the Mon Cal bartender passes her a cup of neon red liquid and she passes him back a few credits. Before she’s even had your first sip however, a rugged human male in a brown knee-length coat takes a seat at the empty stool beside Soleil.

‘’Hey there, the name’s Mall-kom Reanolds, and I Captain a space transport by the name of Serenity. I only mention this because you also have the look of a starship Captain about you, and you also look like a lady who knows her way around a blaster. If you’re interested in making some shiny credits, and using those blasters, might be that I could interest you in a business proposal?‘’ ’’Depends on the business Captain, care to elaborate?" Soleil asks, but Mall-kom instead gets up from the bar stool and motions her over to join his crew at their table, all nine of the people at the table are humans. As Soleil takes a seat and begin introductions, a round of drinks comes by which are offered and shared with her as they sort out the details of the job. Returning to Ataraxia a few hours later, Soleil receives a status update from Max that the hyperdrive has been repaired, but that he’s still fixing S19-N5, but better. She’s not sure what he means by ‘fix it, but better’, all that she hope for is just no more problems. Soleil gathers her crew and begins discussing the details of the new job they’ve picked up from Captain Mall-kom Reanolds; a ‘cargo liberation’ on the Mid Rim jungle planet of Null, Reanolds’ homeworld.



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