Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy

Imperial Machinations
The Emperor & His Servant

Dusk falls over Coruscant, capital planet of the Galactic Empire; The Imperial Palace looms on the horizon, visible from all directions regardless of the maze of tall buildings. All evidence of the Imperial Palace’s former identity as the Jedi Temple has been erased from history, and existence. Emperor Palpatine sits in a dark, cavernous room on a tall, throne-like chair of seemingly polished stone; small square-shaped cuts can be seen etched into the walls of the former Jedi Holocron vault. The chair’s back is to the turbolift at the end of a hallway, the chamber’s only exit, and entrance. The turbolift door opens and Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, enters the chamber and kneels beside the gleaming ebony throne.

Imminent Impact
Varytek Industries


Carnage of the Maulers


The Finding of Lost Souls
A Medical Mystery

The Outer Rim

Danger in the Dark
Smuggler Rescue

The Outer Rim

The Train Job
Moska the Hutt

Santo, Jazbina
Captain Soleil finishes her drink, and practically slams the cup on the table, eager for another round at the Courageous Clone cantina. As she gets up from the table she was sitting at with Raighl, Oduph, and Max, a voice cuts through the din of music, talking and laughter permeating the cantina. “Quiet! Shaddup! I’ve got words to share with you all!” Shouts a pasty, pudgy, balding Human male in his late thirties, wearing a dark grey Imperial officer uniform opened at the front. “This is an auspicious day,” the man continues loudly, causing a look of confusion to pass over Oduph‘s features. “What day is it?” Oduph asks his tablemates, but Raighl shrugs, and the Human continues his obnoxious speech from across the cantina. “What a glorious day, a day when all proud Imperial citizens can celebrate the safety and security on their worlds, Empire Day! The end of the scumbag Separatists and the dawn of a new galaxy!” Shouts and cheers erupt from around the bar, and Soleil gets up from their table and walks towards it. “What month is it?” Oduph asks himself, even more confused. The Human stops Soleil as she walks up to the bar. “You gonna drink to the Empire with me?” The Human asks her, slurring his words heavily. “It was three years to the day that the Empire sent those Seppies and their tin cans running to the Rim. Cowards.” "As it turns out, I’m not thirsty," Soleil replies through clenched teeth, as she returns to her crew at their table and hastily orders them all back to Ataraxia, where Tik’Trii is waiting, before any trouble starts.

Captain Soleil and her crew enter the Santo spaceport and walk up to the landing pad supporting Ataraxia, where Tik’Trii flashes them a grin, leaning against the outside of the starship. “Have we got a job Captain?” He asks Soleil, who gives him a quick nod as the others board Ataraxia. “Is it crime? Tik’Trii loves crime,” the Chadra-Fan eagerly asks. “Well then I guess you’ll be pleased. Now how about we get off Jazbina before any more zealous Imperials want to celebrate Empire Day with us?” Soleil replies, boarding Ataraxia with Tik’Trii following suite, and scampering up to the cockpit to begin the preflight sequence. Within minutes Ataraxia has broken Jazbina‘s atmosphere and orbit, and jumps to hyperspace. Soleil notifies her crew over the intercom to meet her in the lounge to discuss their new job, and waits a few minutes admiring hyperspace, before making her way to the lounge herself. Raighl, Raiden, Max, Oduph and Shamü are all seated at the table or on loungers when Soleil enters, who scans the room and immediately asks, “Where in blazes is BB?” Hardly a moment after Soleil asks, B.B. “Wailing” Jinkins rushes into the lounge with a strained look on his face, and immediately seats himself. "Sorry I’m late Captain, had to deal with the ex-wife. But I hear something about crime being on the table today?" Soleil rolls her eyes at the Bith and sighs, “Yes, we’ve got ourselves some crime to be done, but let me be clear: not all of you will be working this job, especially when we dock. We’ve got co-ordinates for a location in the Yinchorr system. When we get there, anyone who isn’t coming with me to meet with our contact is staying on the ship, and in their quarters. Dong-mah ?”

“So who’s the contact?” Raighl asks, and with the prompting, Soleil displays the holo of an aging green Hutt from her comlink. “This is Moska the Hutt, a gangster who runs the Hutt Syndicate in these parts of space, or so I’ve heard. He’s got a business opportunity for anyone daring enough to rob the Empire, so I thought we might be good for the job. What do you all think?” Soleil asks, turning the conversation over to her crew, who all begin talking at once. “Me no like Hutts Captain,” Max says, “but me love takin’ their credits!” The other crew members either speak in agreement or nod their heads at the idea. “Well, now that’s settled, Raighl and Oduph, you’re with me, Tik’Trii’ll keep Ataraxia hot. We’ll be meeting with Moska on his personal space station, Port Nowhere, where he’ll give us the details of the job. Everyone else is confined to quarters while we’re docked with Port Nowhere. Get anything you want to do out of the way now, we’ll be there in about 18 hours,” Soleil says, finishing the briefing, and letting everyone get back to what they were doing. Returning to her room, Soleil shakes her head at the situation, and starts charging her power packs before settling in for some rest.

Ataraxia drops out of hyperspace around Yinchorr, a giant orange-yellow sphere of deserts and acid lakes, before coming up on the space station Port Nowhere, as it orbits into view. Tik’Trii whistles at the sight, startling Oduph Nychoth as he naps in the cockpit. “Sheesh, you’d think 18 hours would’ve been enough time for him to sleep,” Raighl complains dryly to Soleil, the four of them taking up seats as they climb into Ataraxia‘s cockpit. "Tiki’Trii’s never seen a station that large, but Tiktrii’s never seen a space station over thousand years old either," the Chadra-Fan comments. “Hutts live longer than that Tik’Trii, we’d better make sure we make a good first impression,” Soleil says, as Tik’Trii pilots Ataraxia into an open hangar. Once Ataraxia lands, the boarding ramp descends, and Soleil, Raighl and Oduph walk down the ramp, following Soleil through the winding circular corridors towards the heart of Port Nowhere Station.

Steam bursts through poor seals, and loose wiring sparks in the tubular corridors that Soleil, Oduph and Raighl walk through, before reaching a large, sealed blast door. The door spirals open and a large Zygerrian, holding a vibroknife, stands in the doorway menacingly. “Krall, let them in,” a thickly accented voice booms in Basic at the Zygerrian, who moves aside to let the three pass into Moska the Hutt‘s audience chamber. Bedecked with artifacts and décor likely stolen from a hundred worlds or more, Moska the Hutt’s audience chamber looks more like a museum than a place to greet and deal with beings. “You must forgive Krall,” Moska the Hutt continues, “he loves to stand in the door and say boo!” The aging green Hutt laughs disgustingly and licks at the air with his large worm-like tongue. “And which one of you is Captain Soleil?” Moska asks the three. “That would be me, your excellency,” Soleil replies, walking towards the dais upon which Moska is seated. “Ah! You have made quite a name for yourself; Captain Soleil gets the job done is the talk! But do you know what this talk is? This gossip? Hmphh,” Moska the Hutt glowers at Soleil and her two crewmates, before motioning to Krall to open a door in the rear of the audience chamber. Soleil lets out a small gasp as the door is roughly shoved aside and a man is visible in the small room, bleeding from dozens of torture wounds, and suspended upside-down vertically, in a ray shield by the hands and ankles.

“I too have a reputation, not so pleasant,” Moska says, “Maybe you knew that but any talk, gossip, is now fact. It’s real, solid. You do the train job for me, and you will be solid Captain.” Soleil is still staring at the bleeding man, unsure if he’s alive or dead. “You do not like that I kill this man?” Moska the Hutt asks, unintentionally clearing up the matter. “Uh, no your Excellency. I mean, it’s fine you’re Excellency, obviously he did something to warrant it, at least I assume that….” Soleil trails off as Krall turns off the ray shield and the corpse drops to the floor. “I am surprised you did not recognize him,” Moska says amusedly, “He was, after all, the data technician you duped into copying our financial records and asset locations for the Teahouse. Though I admit I can’t tell most humanoids apart, if they don’t have a varying number of limbs or eyes,” Moska says off-handedly, as a look of dread slowly creeps over Raighl’s face. " Chut-Chut my dear, I am not looking to take one of your eyes, or a limb, to settle a slight," Moska says, chuckling greasily, “I am looking to hire your Captain, and her crew, as you are clearly more than capable for the job I have to offer. Tell me Captain, have you ever robbed a train in your misadventures?”

“I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a lucrative opportunity, your Excellency. Where will we be heading?” Soleil says to Moska the Hutt. The Hutt crime lord presses a button on his dais, and a large hologram of a planet, Ord Trasi, appears from a holoprojector in the floor. “You will go to Ord Trasi, where a representative of mine will be waiting for you to pick up tickets and false ID’s for yourself Captain, and two of your crew, no more,” Moska says. You will board the train at Paradiso," a red light appears on the hologram, indicating the location of a settlement, “and you will remove the items I wish before the train reaches Regina, here.” Moska gestures once again at the holographic map, and a dotted trail appears, tracing a path from the red dot, to a large square denoting a city. “That doesn’t sound too hard Cap, we could pull this one in our sleep,” Oduph says to Soleil, which gets Moska the Hutt chuckling again. “Oho! That’s one bold Ithorian you are. Not too many of your kind are capable of getting their hands dirty. So, are you going to ask what is it I need?” Moska the Hutt asks Soleil as he powers down the holoprojector. “As a rule, no.” Soleil says, wondering if maybe she ought to at least ask subtly. Moska the Hutt makes an approving sound, and orders Krall to fetch a credit case.

“One more question Captain. You don’t mind stealing from the Empire, do you? I gather this will not be a problem based on your…reputation,” Moska asks, a poisonous grin stretching his wide face. “Hardly, your Excellency. It’ll be my pleasure in fact. Now to the arranged payment? Half up front was the deal,” Soleil says, motioning towards the credit case Krall has just brought into the audience chamber. “Ohoho, and half when you return with my goods Captain,”Moska replies, gesturing Soleil, Raighl, and Oduph to leave the chamber. The three of them quickly return to Ataraxia, and begin informing the rest of the crew about the job, and their meeting with Moska the Hutt.

Ord Trasi
Captain Soleil, Raighl and Oduph walk together down the broad aisle of the mag-lev train, noting passengers as they pass through one Imperial-grey train car to the next, until they open the door to the next compartment and almost plow into an Imperial stormtrooper. “Out of the way!” The stormtrooper orders, as Soleil, Raighl and Oduph move aside for three more stormtroopers to file out of the train car behind the first. Walking in behind the vacating stormtroopers, the three enter a train car filled end-to-end with stormtroopers sitting or lying down on benches. Some stormtroopers clean their blasters, but none take any notice of Soleil and her two crewmates as they clear out of the train car and into the next. “Moska said there’d be Imperial property on the train, not a whole frikkin’ squad of stormtroopers!” Raighl hisses under her breath. “So what do we do now Captain?” Oduph asks Soleil, who simply shrugs and says, “We do the job, only this time we get to embarrass the Empire.” Raighl just shakes her head, and the three keep moving through three more train compartments until reaching one stacked floor to ceiling with crates stamped with the Empire’s insignia. Soleil looks over a few of the crates to match ID numbers before locating the right stack of crates, a bundle of six. Raighl pushes other crates into a pyramid-like stack in order to reach the compartment’s sealing hatch, while Oduph stacks crates against the door leading to the previous train compartment full of stormtroopers.

“Is it crimetime Tik’Trii? Is it? Is it?” An overexcited Max shouts over the comms to Tik’Trii, who pilots Ataraxia smoothly over the canyon that the mag-lev train hurtles through, following it and matching its speed. “Settle the hell down Max, or you’ll blow a fuse like Signs. I’m moving us into position, get the winch set up in the cargo bay with that junk heap of a droid and Raiden to help you too. The Captain should have already gotten to the cargo,” Tik’Trii says through the comms to Max. Max begins strapping himself to the end of the winch as Raiden and S19-N5 enter the cargo bay, with Raiden operating the comms to direct Tik’Trii and S19-N5 operating the winch. “Open the bay doors now!” Raiden calls out into the comm, as Max gets ready to drop through the air, and into a moving train, held only by metres of fibre-cord. Ataraxia’s cargo bay door opens, lowering Max, the winch, and S19-N5 just over a meter above the mag-lev train. Seeing the rushing sand beneath the train, Max gulps, takes three breaths, and jumps off the platform.

A thud above her head almost startles Raighl off of her stack of crates but regaining her composure, she unseals the ceiling hatch to the train compartment, and Max suddenly plummets from it, landing on the floor hard. “Ouch! My rump!” Max yelps, jumping up from the floor and rubbing his behind painfully. “Quit yer complainin’ and grab a crate,” Oduph says, forcefully shoving a crate as large as Max into the young Squib’s arms. Max scrambles around the crate, latching clawed hands and magnetic boots onto it before tugging the line connecting him to the winch, sending him and the crate skywards. The next four boxes are summarily brought up by Max as he continually is dropped down through the air into the train compartment, and pulled back up again into Ataraxia‘s cargo bay with the winch. As Max is loaded up with the final crate and pulled up through the train compartment’s ceiling, a loud banging echoes from the other side of the door that Oduph stacked crates against. A few more bangs and the top two crates crash onto the floor revealing the white helmet of a stormtrooper on the other side of the makeshift barrier. “Down!” Yells Raighl, as she draws her blaster and fires, hitting the stormtrooper in the face, melting his helmet and dropping him backwards against his comrades. “Hurry through to the next few compartments, we’ll get off the train and rendezvous with Ataraxia after it stops,” Soleil says to Oduph and Raighl, motioning them to follow her.

Exiting the mag-lev train at Paradiso amid the confusion and chaos, Soleil, Raighl and Oduph are gathered up along with the other passengers and detained at the station, as local security and a few Imperial officers begin questioning people. A commotion starts up near the train, and the three of them get closer to see what is going on, when they hear some people in the crowd of passengers whisper, “The train’s been robbed! Our whole supply of medicine for the month, gone!” “Wow, that sounds real bad,” Soleil says to them, and a young Human woman turns to her with a child in her arms. “Are you moonstruck? Without our monthly shipment of medicine, we’ll all die from the torment.” What’s that?" Oduph asks bluntly. Her partner, a sandy-blonde Human man turns to Oduph quizzically, “You musn’t have been on Ord Trasi long, friend. The atmosphere is breathable enough for most species, but there’s a catch. Breath enough of it and you’ll develop a degenerative disease that attacks the bones and muscles. We call it Traci’s Torment and the only treatment for it is the medicine we receive each month from the Empire. Without it, well, we’d die in a matter of months.”

“By the looks of it, the Captain and the rest won’t be back anytime soon,” Raiden says to Tik’Trii, who narrows his eyes suspiciously at the HoloNet transceiver. “And why is that?” Tik’Trii asks Raiden flatly. “By the looks of it, security got flagged on whatever it was that we stole and they’re holding the passengers for questioning. If we don’t get them out soon, we’ll miss our rendezvous with Moska’s thugs.” “Yeah, and that’s the last thing we want,” Tik’Trii replies. “BB, get up here,”Tik’Trii says over the internal comms, “Tik’Trii’s got a plan to get the Captain and the others back. It just requires you, your shuttle, and for the Captain not to lose her cool….”

“You there! Report over here immediately!” An Imperial officer yells at Soleil, who walks over to the portly Human man with Raighl and Oduph trailing behind her. Just as they walk up to him, they are nearly floored by the sight of B.B. “Wailing” Jinkins in the same dress-tuxedo that he was wearing at the gala on Ord Mantell. “Are these the ones Mr. Jinkins?” The officer asks B.B. sternly who replies with a look of sorrow on his face, “Would that they were not, officer. This one,” B.B. says, motioning to Soleil, “Thought she could make off with my star singer, and her bodyguard. Fat lot of good he was, convinced by a backup dancer to run off with my star singer. Now, I’m extremely apologetic for any problems they caused. Are they free to go? They’ve already cost me credits in lost bookings and I won’t lose anymore on this tour,” B.B. finishes, waiting for the Imperial officer to hand back his ident-card. “Everything appears to be in order Mr. Jinkins. Collect your delinquent performers and be on your way. We have some thieves to apprehend,” the Imperial officer replies, gesturing B.B., Soleil, Raighl and Oduph out of the station and onto B.B.’s shuttle, which lifts off and flies back to Ataraxia.

Once the four of them return to Ataraxia, Soleil orders everyone to load up Tik’Trii‘s speeder with the crates they just stole. “But why Captain? We just finished stealing them,” Max complains with a pout. "It’s vital medicine the population needs to survive the effects of the atmosphere. If we linger too long here, we’ll need it too. So we’re taking it back, and that’s final," Soleil replies, making clear to the crew exactly what her expectations are. Just as they finish loading the crates on Tik’Trii‘s speeder, a quintet of thugs walk brazenly up to the descended port cargo bay. "You did not make the rendezvous. You think you maybe take Mr. Moska’s credits and his cargo," the lead, a large beefy Zygerrian says to Soleil, who’s standing at the head of her crew. “Interestingly, neither,” Soleil replies, as her crew gather together around her. “I don’t understand,” the Zygerrian, Krall, says with a look of confusion creeping onto his face. “We changed our minds. Look we’ll give you back the half we were paid up front-” “There is no mind-changing with Mr. Moska. You try to steal his property, now you die!” The Zygerrian roars, throwing a vibroknife from his belt, which buries itself halfway into Max‘s shoulder, who goes down screaming. Soleil returns fire, while Oduph and Raighl each put down two of Moska’s thugs, a Gran and a young Human male, barely out of his teens. Raiden stuns a third, a Rodian female, while Shamü barrels into another Human, this one a balding, red-faced male. Krall draws two more vibroknives from his belt and advances on Soleil, slashing the air between them. Suddenly, a stun blast from [[:raiden-anders | Raiden, hiding behind cargo, catches Krall from the side, and a blaster bolt from Soleil knocks the big Zygerrian onto his back, wounded and unconscious.

Soleil powers down the speeder a few kilometers from Paradiso, while Raighl begins unloading the crates of medicine. Just as they’re done, a local security officer and six of his agents come up over the rise, blasters drawn. “I heard tell of a starship parked a ways outside of town, thought I’d come take a look. Didn’t think I’d see you coming back,” the security officer, a mustachioed Human, says to the two of them. One of the agents checks the crates and gives a nod to the officer, and he holsters his blaster, as do the rest of the local security. “Times are tough out here in the Outer Rim. We’ve been lucky enough that the Empire has continued to provide for us out here, so we can continue to survive. But for others, you make do with what you can find. Maybe that means not looking so closely at what you’ve got, even if it’s bad, just so you can keep on another day. I reckon at that point, every beings got a choice. I’m just happy that you made the good one,” the officer whistles, and the other security begin loading crates onto speeder bikes. “With all do respect, no. I don’t think there is one,” Soleil says queitly, as the security officer turns to leave. “What’s that, miss?” He asks, turning to face Soleil. “I don’t think there is a choice,” Soleil repeats a little louder this time, smiles, and gets back into the speeder with Raighl. The speeder’s engines rev as they race back to Ataraxia to deal with Krall and the rest of [[:moska-the-hutt | Moska the Hutt]]’s thugs.

When Soleil and Raighl arrive back at Ataraxia‘s landing site, they find Moska’s thugs tied up, with Krall in binder cuffs. “Tik’Trii, go make sure the engines are primed, and set them for launch,” Soleil tells Tik’Trii, who quickly scrambles back to the boarding ramp and up into the cockpit. Moments later, a dull blue glow alights at the engine exhaust ports, before they blaze into a steady, subdued brilliance. “Now this is all the credits Moska gave us. We’ll return them, with the understanding that we’ll stay well out of Moska’s way, and that he doesn’t bother with us. Space is big enough we can avoid any unpleasantness. Understand?” Soleil asks the big Zygerrian, Krall. “Keep it,” Krall says, spitting into the sandy terrain of Ord Trasi, “use the credits to buy a funeral. It doesn’t matter how far you run or how fast you fly, I will hunt you down and the last thing you see will be my blade, scug.” “Stang,” Soleil says under her breath, “and didn’t I try to be reasonable with you?” Soleil kicks Krall in the center of his chest, hard, sending the Zygerrian tumbling backwards and into the Ataraxia‘s engine exhaust, vaporizing Krall in an instant. Shamü frees one of Moska’s thugs, the balding Human and brings him in front of Soleil. Before she can open her mouth to repeat her offer to the Human, he just vigorously nods and says, “I’m one hundred percent there with you, we stay away from each other, best for everyone involved.” The Human takes the credits from Soleil, and gathers up his now cut-loose comrades, running from Ataraxia towards Paradiso.

After everyone is aboard Ataraxia and the cargo bay sealed, the turtle-shaped starship rises slowly off the ground before rocketing through Ord Trasi’s atmosphere and breaking orbit. Moments later Ataraxia jumps into hyperspace, traveling through the vastness of the Outer Rim.

Escape From Alderaan
A Wanted Herglic

Bernadette, Alderaan

“It was gracious of the Captain to give us this vacation on the planet while she has her meeting in orbit, don’t you think Tik’Trii?” Shamü says loudly and boisterously to his much smaller, and furrier compatriot. “Just as long as you don’t end up kidnapping a child by accident,” Tik’Trii retorts, as he raises an arm to shield his eyes from the glare of Alderaan‘s sunset. The two of them, as well as Max and Raiden walk loosely together down the broad city avenue, noticing the various flowers in full bloom, and the music being played openly in the street. “If the sun is setting, maybe it best we go back to the shuttle?” squeaks Max to his companions, not moments before an Imperial probe droid and two stormtroopers round the corner, practically knocking into the group of aliens. "Hey! Watch where you’re going citizens!" The lead stormtrooper yells at the group, before being visibly intimidated by what exactly he’s yelling at, as nearly a half ton of battle-scarred Herglic marches up to confront him.

Before Shamü can say anything to the stormtroopers, the Imperial probe droid scans Shamü and elicits an alarm, displaying a wanted holo to the stormtroopers with a much younger Shamü Abyssail wearing a Separatist military uniform. Upon seeing this the stormtrooper draws his blaster on Shamü and yells “Stop! you’re under arrest!”. Hearing this Raiden pulls out his pistol and stuns the trooper unconscious with a blast. The probe droids holo fades away as it spins towards the stormtrooper’s assailant but before it can shoot the Arkanian a massive foot zooms into it’s optical sensor shattering it and the droid as it hits the permacrete. Shamü extricates his foot from the wreckage of the droid and lumbers towards the last trooper but before he gets there a burst of microwave energy leaps from Tik’Trii’s blaster cooking the last trooper through her armor eliciting a few pained shrieks until she could cry no longer.

“It good thing me not need to shoot cause me make BIG BOOM!” exclaimed Max. “You really are loud for such a sneaky furball. You really should get something a little more suited to your size and leave the big guns to me,” said Shamü. “Dis’ a squib gun it too smart for you, and you no tell me what to do! You not my captain!” Max retorted his fur bristling in response to his anger. “Calm down there little one we’re on the same side here” Shamü said while laughing “It was just a suggestion since you’re always sneaking around and I prefer my concussion rifle anyway” Shamü pointed out. Managing to calm down a little bit Max asked the Herglic “So why they have your holo and after you anyway?” “I may have been a (Cough) ranking member of the (Cough) Separatist army during the Clone Wars,” Shamü said evasively. “Not that Tik’Trii cares, but why didn’t you mention this to us earlier?” Tik’Trii asked. “Well there was always a chance it would bring unwanted attention and I figured you wouldn’t let me hang around if you knew,” replied Shamü. “We’re not scared of a little danger! Danger is my middle name!” Max exclaimed while brandishing his squib rifle. “Well since the Empire is after us I guess that means our vacations over,” said Raiden as he swaps his blaster’s power pack. While groaning Tik’Trii said “Tik’Trii didn’t even get to eat at The Elysium Table yet” “You can eat later we need to head to the spaceport and get back on Ataraxia before they find us” Raiden retorted. “Sounds like a plan, but how do we get through the spaceport security now that they’re looking for us?” asked Shamü. “Just follow me and we make it through fine!” exclaimed the Squib.

While sneaking their way towards the spaceport outskirts, the crew met with no patrols but did find it odd that they saw no starships leaving or landing at the spaceport. Managing to sneak into the spaceport itself with no trouble, the four crew members got to their RC-2 Twilight Scoutship without incident, but found that they could not use it to escape due to a shield canopy over the hangar locking it down. This left the crew arguing about how to deal with the situation for a while until Shamü chimed in, by saying “You know there are imperial codes to unlock the hangar bay right? All we need to do is get them from the Officer stationed here.” “Well where exactly is the Officer? Cause me not want to spend whole day running round’ spaceport shootin’ imps,” exclaimed Max. “They should be stationed at an office in the stormtrooper barracks,” Shamü responded. “So they’re looking for us and your great idea is to run into their barracks guns blazing. Are you trying to get us killed?” Raiden asked scathingly. “Ya! As much as Tik’Trii likes to cook stormtroopers Tik’Trii doesn’t think we can roast an entire garrison,” Tik’Trii said. “Calm down guys. Most of the stormtroopers should be out looking for us so we shouldn’t have too much to worry about. We also snuck our way here no sweat so maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to sneak through the barracks too,” Shamü responded. “Even if it is just the stragglers at the barracks it’s probably more than the four of us can handle and don’t make me laugh! Not even stormtroopers are stupid enough to miss seeing a huge kriffing Herglic walking around their barracks!” Raiden retorted angrily. “If you have better idea then speak up, but if not then me think we stuck with this one” Max pointed out. “Well I don’t have a better idea but that doesn’t mean this ones good. Just don’t blame me when it all goes to poodoo!” Raiden exclaimed. Although divided on their course of action, the crew headed in the direction of the spaceport’s Imperial barracks.

They finally got within sight of the Imperial barracks only to find a group of four stormtroopers patrolling the area. After waiting and watching the stormtroopers movements for a few minutes Raiden speaks up, “It looks like we can make it to the barracks without notice if we wait until the last one turns the corner.” “They must not have enough troops on duty, otherwise there wouldn’t be such breaks in their patrol,” remarked Shamü smugly. The stormtroopers kept on with their patrol and headed out of sight. “Well Tik’Trii isn’t complaining about it,” Tik’Trii remarked, leading the crew stealthily towards the barracks and out of the line of sight of the sentries. After getting to one of the entrances to the barracks Raiden tried to open the door but found it to be locked. “Me take care of dis’ in no time” Max assured the crew. Whipping out his toolkit Max broke the lock in a moment and led the crew into the barracks.

Inside the barracks the crew found themselves in a large vaulted room with some storage containers laying around and eight stormtroopers doing various tasks. The stormtroopers still hadn’t seen them as of yet, so Max proceeded to sneakily lead them through the room using the storage containers as cover. They made it about halfway through the room when Shamü bumped one of them causing it to topple to the ground with a loud crash and alerting the stormtroopers to their presence. Since the Imperials were dispersed throughout the room only a few had a line of sight on Shamü, but they managed to fire a couple shots in the crew’s direction with none hitting their mark. Since stealth had failed the only other option left was combat so Raiden and Shamü both returned fire from their positions, each killing one of the eight stormtroopers with a couple shots to the chest. With their diminutive stature both Max and Tik’Trii had to leave their protective cover to fire at the stormtroopers and they managed to ace one stormtrooper each. The five remaining stormtroopers moved to better vantage points and fired another volley of blaster bolts at the crew but managed to inflict only minor wounds. Raiden took advantage of the Imperial’s new positions and took out another stormtrooper with a blast to the chest and then the head. This was followed by Shamü knocking a stormtrooper down and out with a blast from his concussion rifle, and Max with his tensor-rifle. With only two stormtroopers remaining Tik’Trii thought it prudent to use their close grouping to his advantage so he strolled out from behind cover and caught them both in the path of his pulse-wave rifle.

After dealing with the stormtroopers, the crew proceeded through the doors at the back of the room to search for the officer’s quarters, but found themselves face to face with the imperial officer and two more stormtroopers. “I have sent a distress call to command, so there will be an AT-ST here imminently to deal with you scum! I suggest you surrender now or face the full wrath of the Empire” barked the officer. “I really don’t think that’ll be a problem for us since we won’t be here that long” Raiden snarkily replied as he raised his blaster towards the officer. Raiden shot at the officer twice, wounding him in the shoulder. The officer and his stormtrooper guard unloaded a volley of blasterfire at the crew with a few hitting Shamü but nothing too severe for the tough Herglic. Shamü charged one of the stormtroopers and headbutted him so hard that the plastoid of the trooper’s helmet dented and cracked from the force, leaving the trooper to slump to the ground dead. Tik’Trii dealt with the other stormtrooper just as swiftly by shooting them twice in the chest with his pulse-wave pistol leaving a smoking hole in their chest plate. With just the officer remaining Max raised his squib tensor rifle and blasted the officer straight into his chest, leaving him dead on the ground. Raiden searched the officer’s corpse and found the imperial codes needed to end the spaceport lockdown. The crew headed to the barracks computer and entered in the codes taking down the shield canopy over the spaceport.

Leaving the barracks hurriedly, the crew headed towards their RC-2 Twilight Scoutship but were stopped short when blasterfire erupted around them, coming from the four stormtroopers that were patrolling the barracks earlier. The stormtroopers managed to hit Shamü and Raiden leaving them both injured but still able to fight. The crew returned fire starting with Tik’Trii who managed to injure two of them with one blast, while still running towards the shuttle; Shamü managed to finish those ones off with a blast from his concussion rifle. With two troopers still remaining both Max and Raiden fired a volley of bolts at the Imperials while keeping with their crewmates, but none of their shots hit their mark. The stormtroopers fired another round of blaster bolts this time managed to hit Tik’Trii once and missed with the rest. While still running towards the shuttle, Tik’Trii fired off another volley at the stormtroopers and managed to kill one, while Shamü had the pleasure of taking out the last stormtrooper with a headshot. With nothing left between them and their escape, the crew finally reached their RC-2 Twilight Scoutship and prepped it for take-off. With the shield canopy down, Tik’Trii piloted the shuttle back safely to Ataraxia, still in Alderaan’s orbit, and made the jump to hyperspace.

Smuggler's Rendezvous
Betrayal at the Red Twins

Yedagon, Adumar

Leaning back and peeling the gloves off her hands, revealing bright violet skin, and reaching for the glass in front of her, Captain Soleil takes a long refreshing sip of her drink. She scans the Adumari cantina, looking for Da-Ghu Wu, who should have already been here to meet with her. Soleil‘s thoughts drift to her crew, and she hopes letting B.B. take Raiden and Shamü out for a little vacation won’t get them into any trouble. At least S19-N5 is with them, and can maybe keep an eye on the three of them, especially B.B.. Soleil’s ruminations are interrupted by Da-Ghu striding into the bar in his long blue jacket, followed by an older-looking Weequay who spots her, orders two drinks from a server droid, and quickly settle themselves at her table.

“Ah! So this is the famous, and quite lovely, Captain Soleil I have been hearing all about from my associate here,” the Weequay says, leaning forward and offering Soleil a hand in greeting. “And you are?” Soleil asks the Weequay warily, taking his hand. The Weequay gently kisses the back of Soleil‘s hand, which she recoils from, at which Da-Ghu briefly chuckles. "It is I, the infamous pirate Hondo Ohnaka! I’m actually a little surprised you have never heard of me before Captain, I thought I had quite a reputation in the Outer Rim, though that was probably before I lost my pirate gang…" Hondo Ohnaka says, trailing off quietly, and then bursting into renewed confidence. “But now I have my good partner Da-Ghu Wu here, introducing me to all sorts of new…opportunities. Ha!” “And what sort of business opportunity are you two proposing?” Soleil asks suspiciously. “Just a little bit of honest smuggling Captain,” Da-Ghu says, flashing Soleil a grin. “We’ve got hold of about a dozen crates of Imperial blaster rifles, and a buyer to purchase them on Acherin, just no way there. Hondo’s ship was impounded by Adumar security not long after we landed, so we just need transport.”

“So let me get this straight, we take you and your blaster rifles to Acherin, you sell them, and we get a cut?” Soleil asks the two of them, testing their plan for flaws. “Lovely and astute! Ha! Da-Ghu why did you not introduce me to this wonderful Zeltron sooner?” Hondo says, clapping Da-Ghu Wu on the back. “So have we got a deal, Captain?” Da-Ghu asks Soleil, hand upturned towards the ceiling. “Not yet, how much of a cut are we talking about? I have a ship to run, and mouths to feed, not to mention docking and resupply-” Soleil is interrupted by Hondo‘s chuckling. "My dear Captain! a twenty percent cut would be a handsome reward for you and your crew! Why don’t we-" “Thirty percent, and not a credit lower,” Soleil interrupts, flooding the surrounding area with her pheromones. “Ha! A woman after my own heart. Thirty percent it is Captain!” Hondo agrees enthusiastically, shaking Soleil‘s hand again and laughing. "We’ll meet you in your docking bay within the hour Captain, be sure your crew are ready for the journey," Da-Ghu says, before him and Hondo begin making their way for the cantina’s exit. Soleil, quickly finishes her own drink and settles her tab with the server droid before returning to Ataraxia.

“Ship be prepped and ready for liftoff Captain!” Max says excitedly, at which Soleil nods absent-mindedly as she walks into Ataraxia‘s lounge. “Good, now only if those two nerf-herders would get here like they said they would, we could make good time to Acherin,” Raighl says, before being interrupted by a chime from the ship’s sensors. Standing below Ataraxia are Da-Ghu Wu and Hondo Ohnaka, with about a dozen large crates stacked between them. “Hey Max, feel like getting Oduph and helping them out there loading those crates? It looks like it could take a while,” Soleil asks Max to which he nods and skips down the engineering corridor to the Oduph‘s quarters. The two of them assist in loading the cargo into the smuggler holds, while Soleil climbs the ladder to the cockpit to confer with Tik’Trii.

“Where to Captain?” Tik’Trii squeaks to Soleil, who points at a system not far from Adumar. “Here, the Acherin system. It’s not much of a jump, we should make great time provided we don’t run into any trouble,” Soleil tells him. An icon on the controls turns green, indicating the cargo bay doors have been closed and sealed. “Is everyone aboard?” Soleil asks, receiving a reply over Ataraxia‘s comms from Raighl in the cargo bay. "Cargo is stored, and the nerf-herders are aboard. We’re clear to leave," Raighl says, just before Ataraxia begins lifting off the surface, and into the upper atmosphere of Adumar. As the clouds begin to break, and the black of space fills the viewport, a large star cruiser looms directly ahead. “Captain, what was that you were saying about running into trouble?” Tik’Trii squeaks, before the comms begin blasting static. “Attention light freighter Ataraxia, this is the Imperial Cruiser Relinquish . Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded.”

With little time to prepare, Soleil orders everyone to the lounge to form a plan, as the Imperial Light Cruiser lines itself up to dock with Ataraxia‘s airlock. Hondo Ohnaka walks up confidently to the lounge, grabbing a spare piece of fruit from the galley, and begins munching on it. "There’s nothing to worry about dear Captain! This is all going according to plan. They board us, search for the blasters, they won’t find them, and then we leave, simple as that, yes," Hondo says, between bites of fruit. Not a minute later, grinding noises begin emanating from the airlock as the Imperial Cruiser docks with Ataraxia. The airlock doors open, and an Imperial officer strides out, nose in the air, followed by eighteen stormtroopers in their iconic white armor. “Which one of you filthy aliens is the Captain of this vessel?” The officer demands, holding his nose insultingly. “I am,” Soleil says, stepping forward, “I’ve got all the proper permits here sir,” she finishes, producing the aforementioned documents and waving them in the Imperial officer’s face. He grabs them away, and begins studying them as if they were forgeries, expecting to see details of such, and finding none. “Hmph, you haven’t been through an Imperial checkpoint in some time Captain. Your licenses are old, and dance on the very margins of legality. Stormtroopers, search this ship! We’re looking for crates of stolen Imperial blaster rifles,” the officer says turning to Soleil, “and even a single rifle will mean the seizure of this vessel.”

After hours pass, only one stormtrooper hasn’t returned to the lounge from searching Ataraxia, making Soleil nervous. “When do you think we’ll be underway sir?” She asks the Imperial officer, “It doesn’t look like I have what you’re looking for.” Almost immediately after, a yelp of pain echoes from the port engine, causing the Imperial officer to jump up and order two stormtroopers to investigate. The stormtroopers return with the missing one, who rubs his helmet as if he had taken a blow to the head. “Nothing to report here sir, TK-5772 just bashed his head against a beam while sifting through a salvage pile,” intones one of the stormtroopers supporting the wounded one. “Hey, that mine!” shrieks Max, but Soleil makea a shushing gesture at the Squib. “I assume since everything’s in order, we’ll be on our way then?” Soleil asks the officer, intent on getting the Imperials off her ship. “Indeed,” sneers the officer, “I hope never to have to see you again Captain, or your abysmal freighter. Good day.” And as soon as he finishes, he and the stormtroopers march through the airlock, which seals and begins to disengage from Ataraxia. “Whew, that was a close call Captain. What say we head to Acherin now?” Da-Ghu says with a grin, while Raighl just shakes her head at him, giving him a menacing glare. Climbing up the ladder to the cockpit, you poke your head through and tell Tik’Trii to make the jump to Acherin once the Imperial Cruiser is clear.

After a few hours of hyperspace travel, Tik’Trii drops Ataraxia out of hyperspace, revealing the mostly barren, dark grey planet that is Acherin. Following the coordinates provided by Hondo, Tik’Trii pilots Ataraxia to a small landing platform on the southern portion of the planet; Tall floodlights illuminate the landing pad with a sole shuttle parked by a small building on the far side of the platform, the only shelter from the thin though breathable, atmosphere. As Soleil and her crew begin unloading the crates of blaster rifles with Da-Ghu and Hondo, a dozen individuals emerge from the building and make their way towards the Hondo and the group. The lead individual, a Devaronian with orange skin and two long cranial horns, greets Hondo. “Well, looky-here pateesas , Hondo Ohnaka has returned to pay us back what he owes. How much is it now Hondo, fifty-thousand? Sixty? You’re in deep friend, these blasters had better be worth it-” “Fifty-thousand?” Hondo gasps incredulously, interrupting the Devaronian. “Why Vordell, you backstabbing scoundrel! You remind me of…well…me!” Hondo interrupts, “Unfortunately, I have offered these kind smugglers a thirty percent share of what you promised you would pay me for any blasters like these, my inability to deliver on our last bargain notwithstanding. You must understand my friend, business is business! I will pay you what I owe you and your mercenaries the next time we meet, which I hope is much sooner than later. Ha!”

“Grrrr,” Vordell growls, “Hondo, there won’t be any new deals or bargains with you, I’m sick of you double-dealing us. Attack!” As soon as Vordell gives the order, his men begin firing blaster bolts down the length of the landing pad, forcing Hondo, Soleil, and the others to take cover behind the crates of blaster rifles, and fire back at the mercenaries themselves. One shot from Tik’Trii and Raighl drops two mercenaries, while a stun blast from Da-Ghu forces an Arcona mercenary to his knees. Soleil drops a third mercenary as a blaster bolt burns its way through his chest, and Max‘s tensor rifle rips apart the stunned Arcona. Four of them already dead, the mercenaries begin spraying the area with automated blasterfire, but not before a fifth and sixth mercenary are killed by Hondo and Soleil respectively, firing from their cover. With half of his men gone, Vordell turns and begins to run back to the small complex on the far side of the landing platform leaving his men in confusion. Taking advantage of it, Raighl jumps on top of one of the crates, and firing with two blasters puts a bolt in the chest of two more mercenaries. Tik’Trii sneaks out from behind a crate and microwaves a third mercenary with his pulse-wave rifle, cooking the poor Rodian until he drops to the ground, steaming and leaking a small pool of blood. Max drops another mercenary with a rending blast from his tensor rifle, and laughs as he sees the last two mercenaries take flight along with their leader, Vordell, back toward the landing platform’s sole building.

“And where do you think you’re going my friend?” Hondo asks Vordell, blaster trained on the Devaronian’s head, not ten feet from the building’s entrance. “Damn you Hondo! You traitorous Weequay scum! And what do you think you’ll do-” The whine of Hondo‘s blaster pistol interrupts him, as a blaster bolt buries itself in Vordell’s chest, just as Vordell’s last two mercenaries are gunned down by Soleil and Tik’Trii. “Now Captain,” Hondo says to Soleil, holstering his blaster pistol, “I believe it’s time you got paid!” After securing the mercenaries’ credits, Hondo doles out the thirty percent owed, roughly forty-five thousand credits, to Soleil while Da-Ghu loads up the unpurchased crates of blaster rifles into the mercenaries’ now former shuttle. “It was lucrative doing business with you Captain! I hope we find such riches in the future! Ha!” Hondo says to Soleil, laughing and waving as he boards the mercenaries’ shuttle, while Da-Ghu shouts his farewells to Soleil and her crew as he loads the last crate.

Soleil and her crew board Ataraxia, and Tik’Trii powers up the engines. Soleil continues to shake her head at that old Weequay pirate Hondo, and can’t quite believe that Da-Ghu has such a chaotic partner; the man is usually a pretty cool operator. “Where to next Captain?” Tik’Trii squeaks from the cockpit, but before Soleil can answer, Raighl replies. “Back to Adumar, before BB gets Raiden and Shamu into trouble!” She shouts up to the cockpit at Tik’Trii, making everyone laugh. Soon the stars stream into lines, and then the whirling blue of hyperspace as Ataraxia makes the jump to hyperspace.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The Runaway

Cartann City, Adumar

S19-N5 beeps and whistles in frustration, but to no avail. The organics just won’t listen to him! S19-N5 rotates around to lock his photoreceptor on the small Human that has stowed away on his Master’s shuttle. S19-N5 moves over to the crate the little Human is hiding in and with a sharp acceleration of his servomotors, push the box over, spilling the Human onto the deck of the RC-2 Twilight Scoutship. “Ow! Hey!” the little Human yells out, finally getting the attention of the organic crewmembers. “Uh, guys?” Raiden asks, “since when was there a kid onboard?” “Intruder entry = Cartann spaceport” S19-N5 whistles back, but B.B. begins shouting over the droid. “I’m not getting busted for kidnapping, I can barely make my alimony payments! We’re taking this brat back to Cartann City before anyone knows he’s gone. I thought my own kids were trouble, kriff!” S19-N5 makes a rude sound at the Bith, and wheel to the back of the shuttle. If only the organics had noticed the small Human sneaking into one of the crates while they were loading them in the spaceport, all this could have been avoided.

S19-N5 demagnetizes his treads after the shuttle’s descent through the atmosphere of Adumar, and waits for his organic crew to land at Cartann City’s spaceport, all the while focusing his photoreceptor on the little Human trying to escape the cord tying him up. Unfortunately the instant B.B. opens the shuttle’s airlock, the small Human snaps the cord and dashes out the door. S19-N5 squeals in alarm, and Shamü charges out the airlock after the small Human. The large Herglic grabs the much, much smaller human by the collar and roughly hoists him around, right into a wave of stunning energy shot by Raiden. B.B. walks out of the RC-2 Twilight Scoutship with the crate the Human child was hiding in, making a chiding noise to his compatriots. “Tsk, tsk, Shamwow. Don’t you know anything about kidnapping? First you tie them up, then you put them where they can’t run. Like in this crate!” B.B. says, tossing the crate to Shamü and closing the airlock. The Herglic grunts in approval and begins securing the pesky little Human in the plasteel crate.

S19-N5 trundles behind both Raiden and Shamü, trying hard to keep up. Organics move so fast! The three of them are navigating through the wide avenues of pedestrian traffic, the roads a yellow brick, nearly identical to that of which most of the local structures are built. Unfortunately, S19-N5 is too busy recording the buildings to notice his organic crew have been stopped by some local security on the way to a local security station. The Herglic begins arguing with a few of the security officers who unholster their weapons. As the security officers start aiming their weapons at his crewmembers, S19-N5 trills in alarm and wheels behind a bench for some cover just as Shamü roars loudly and begins tossing security guards into the air. Raiden stuns one of the security officers only to have Shamü tromp on the poor man, breaking his ribs.

From his hiding spot behind the bench, S19-N5 sees the small Human wriggle his way out of the crate that Shamü had dropped in the fighting. The small Human begins hopping away from the fight, and the droid is content to just hide behind the bench and leak his fluids, but Shamü yells a command to S19-N5. “Droid! Little astromech, the Human child is getting away! Can you be brave for me little droid? Go get him!” S19-N5 revs up his servomotors and wonders whether the giant Herglic isn’t so scary after all, and chases down the little Human trying to hop to freedom. The Human turns around at the sound of S19-N5 moving, but it doesn’t end up hurting the droid’s aim at all. S19-N5 extends a probe from a side panel, and blue electricity arcs jump from the probe to the little Human, stunning him, where he drops unconscious. S19-N5 whistles back to Shamü and Raiden his small victory over the pesky organic, as they knock the last security officer unconscious.

S19-N5 moves back and forth, along the wall opposite where Raiden, Shamü, and B.B. sit in chairs in the security office, waiting for their claim to be processed. His chronometer tracks the time, and S19-N5 marks that fifty-seven minutes and seventeen seconds have passed since the four of them submitted their security claim. Five Humans exit one of the offices behind the reception area, and walk towards the four of them, the small pesky Human they chased down is positioned between two larger Humans who appear to share some similar features. A security captain walks forward and greets B.B., Raiden, and Shamü while ignoring S19-N5 entirely. “I’d like to apologize for the mix-up,” the security captain says. “These people would like to thank you for finding their son, it seems he’s a bit of a trouble maker. We’ll be dropping all charges as well, some of our men will be a bit embarrassed, but since no-one was seriously injured I’m willing to let this slide.” The progenitor Humans begin talking to the organic crew, possessively holding their Human offspring between them. The Humans hand something to Shamü, and their offspring makes a silly face at S19-N5, to which he warbles loudly in response.

The four of them leave the security office and return to the Cartann City spaceport, starting up B.B.‘s RC-2. S19-N5 boards the shuttle and trundles to a spot behind the co-pilot seat, where he locks and magnetizes his treads for the journey off Adumar. “Next time we decide to go out for a drink, maybe we make sure not to kidnap anyone?” Raiden says to the others, exasperatingly. "Now where’s the fun in that Raiden?" Shamü says chuckling deeply, “Where’s the fun in that?”


Ansion, The Mid Rim

Ataraxia drops out of hyperspace, and through the cockpit’s viewport Soleil sees the planet Ansion, a striated orb swirling with what look like rings, but are really high speed surface winds. The descent through the atmosphere is rocky, Ataraxia bucks and jolts against the heavy crosswinds threatening to rip the starship from the sky. Tik’Trii fights against the controls, and manages to smooth out the starship’s atmospheric plunge, settling down on a plain not far from the town of Jiangyin. Soleil and her crew, with the exception of B.B., set about erecting two fenced pens in the knee-high orange grass a short distance from Ataraxia‘s cargo lifts. Once the pens are properly set up, she sends Tik’Trii and Max back in the ship to run the cargo lifts.

The cargo lifts activate, slowly lowering the thirty Nerf they’re transporting for Councillor Harrik Talloran of Ord Mantell. Once the lifts touch the ground, Soleil and the rest of her crew coax the docile beasts into their pens, while they wait on the buyers to show. After about half an hour, and much cleaning the cargo lifts of Nerf droppings, a pair of Gran show up, the Zees brothers they were expecting to meet. After they greet Soleil and inspect the Nerfs, the three of them get down to business transferring both documents and credits. As soon as they hand Soleil a case full of credits however, a squad of scout troopers led by a dark-skinned Human with his helmet under his arm, emerge from the brush with their blasters drawn. “Paj and Attek Zees! You are wanted for the murder of Oren Lojai and theft of Imperial contraband! Stand down and submit to arrest or else!” The lead scout trooper yells at the two Gran. Stepping away from them with the case of credits, Soleil begins to back off towards her crew, but one of the Gran decides to resist arrest, drawing a blaster and gunning down one of the six scout troopers. Chaos quickly erupts as scout troopers begin shooting at anything that isn’t wearing Imperial armor, Soleil ducks for some cover from the blaster fire, the Gran try to blast their captors, and her crew either take cover as she did or begin returning fire at scout troopers who shot at them. One of the Gran brothers takes a blaster bolt in the stomach and drops to the ground, and the dark-skinned Human leading the scout troopers disarms the other and drops him by slamming the butt of his blaster rifle into the Gran’s three eyes.

Soleil yells at the Imperials to stop shooting at them, but it seems as though the scout trooper leader has already gotten control of his men; too late, as Soleil soon discovers. Raighl is bleeding in the dirt, a short distance from Soleil, a victim of one of the scout trooper’s stray blaster bolts. “You kriffing idiot!” Soleil screams at the scout trooper leader, who is busy securing his Gran captives. The scout troopers pay her no mind as they secure their Gran captives and drag them, along with the one dead scout trooper, to a landspeeder parked in the brush. Soleil starts to run after the damned Imperials, but the need to help her friend stops her in her tracks. “Hey! They’re getting away!” Oduph shouts to Soleil, but she makes a rude gesture at him and yells back in response. “Get the stretcher! Raighl needs to get on the ship now!” However, before Oduph can do anything, Shamü clomps over and gently scoops up the Umbaran woman in his arms as if she were a child. “No need to panic Captain,” Shamü says while carrying Raighl to Ataraxia‘s loading ramp and up it. While Shamü gently puts Raighl on a table in Ataraxia’s lounge, Soleil calls over B.B. on the internal comms.

“What’s the matter with you Captain? How can you be so callous! I was in the middle of- uh is she going to be okay?” B.B. asks, as he spots Raighl on the table as he enters the lounge. “Stop your yammering B.B. and help her!” Soleil yelsl at the Bith who begins to apply some bacta between Raighl‘s shoulder blade and collar bone. "I uh, I think I’m out of my depth here Captain," B.B. stammers, as he throws away another bloody rag and used bacta applicator onto the lounge floor. “What do you mean?” Soleil asks quietly, hoping she had just imagined what B.B. said. “I mean she needs an actual doctor, and some real medical facilities; not me who’s, you know, not a doctor, using a first-aid kit.” B.B. says. “Keep a close watch on her, I’m checking with Tik’Trii to see if there’s anywhere close we could take her,” Soleil says to B.B. as she runs out of the lounge.

Scrambling up the ladder to the cockpit, she’s surprised to see Tik’Trii checking the HoloNet‘s medical database for facilities. "Tik’Trii heard," he says to Soleil, never taking his large eyes off the hologram projected towards him. “The best, closest medical station is the Star Destroyer Obedience just outside the system. The next is…well, farther away than Tik’Trii imagines is good for Raighl’s health,” the small Chadra-Fan says. Soleil digests the bad news that the Empire are the only ones close enough to help Raighl, but nods to Tik’Trii in agreement. “It’s not what I want,” Soleil says, chewing her lip, “but what I want doesn’t matter right now. Get Raiden up here and chart the fastest course you can.” Ataraxia lifts off into the tumultuous atmosphere of Ansion, and Soleil stumbles back into the lounge to check on Raighl. She’s unconscious, and still bleeding, but B.B. is doing his best to apply bacta to the wound when needed. She hopes it will be enough, but knows it won’t. “Let me take over BB, you go find our genius Slicer so we can jump to hyperspace once we break free of Ansion’s gravity well.” B.B. gives Soleil a lazy, mock salute in silence, and rushes off in search of Raiden.

Sweating and stammering, B.B. nearly trips on his way back into the lounge with S19-N5 slowly trailing behind him. “Captain! I did as you asked and I found your droid for you. He can program the NaviComp, and we can be on our way shortly, I assume. Now if that’s all, I’ll be heading back to my shuttle-” “Raiden. R-A-I-D-E-N . Where is he? I told you to find Raiden, and you come back with Signs. You sure have selective hearing for someone with a so-called music career.” Soleil says to B.B., who just shrugs back. “Oh, that. Well Raiden’s not on the ship, according to your droid at least, so I just-” “WHAT?” She nearly screams in astonishment, “where is he? What did you do?” Soleil growls at B.B. who puts up his hands defensively. “I don’t know Captain! That’s why I brought your droid, it was the one to inform me that Raiden’s not onboard,” B.B. says, who then points accusingly at the droid. “It did it I’ll bet. Always roving around when everyone’s asleep. Who knows what it does! You know I caught it in the refresher once? What was it doing in there? Droids don’t poop! I’ll bet it’s been secretly recording me, hoping to-” “Enough!” Soleil shouts at B.B., “I asked Signs to clean the refresher, so If you’re not going to be useful, go stay in your shuttle! Now, Signs, tell me what happened to Raiden.” She says to S19-N5, who begins to utter a stream of beeps and whistles to Soleil, while B.B. skulks out of the lounge.

Soleil gathers her crew in the port cargo bay for a meeting, all but Raiden and Raighl, the latter still lying injured in Ataraxia‘s lounge. “It seems as though Raiden has been kidnapped while were shooting it out with the local scout-trooper patrol on Ansion. Apparently some old Clone Wars droids take people from time to time for maintenance workers, but few have been found, or made it back alive,” Soleil informs her crew. "Now Raighl doesn’t have that long to wait, and I won’t cut it close, for either of them. BB I’m taking your shuttle, along with you and Signs, to transport Raighl to the Star Destroyer Obedience to get her the medical treatment she needs. The Empire won’t destroy a small craft looking for medical aid, the worst they’ll do is just ignore us. Tik’Trii, you’re going to take Ataraxia, and the rest of you are going back to Ansion to rescue Raiden. Hopefully those clankers haven’t done anything to him. Is everyone clear on the plan?" She finishes, hoping that it is, but Max begins jumping up and down and waving his arms. “Yes Max?” Soleil sighs, hoping the small Squib doesn’t have any outlandish requests that Raighl may literally not have any time for. “While you gone Captain, can me use missiles?” The Squib asks, with an impish grin plastered on his face. “Only if Oduph and Tik’Trii supervise, no exceptions.” She says, finalizing the matter. “Time to save some lives.”

“Seeing Ataraxia jump to hyperspace from an observers perspective is strange, like someone else driving off with a part of you, far, far away,” Soleil thinks to herself. Raighl is laid out on a stretcher behind her, with S19-N5 holding it steady in his claw arm. B.B. is co-piloting, if it can be called that, the Bith is doing little real work in helping Soleil pilot the small RC-2 Twilight Scoutship towards the Star Destroyer that looms ahead through the starship’s viewport. “Uh, Captain…You sure this is where you want us to be?” B.B. asks nervously. “Yep, unfortunately it sure is.” Soleil laments, awed by the size of the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer that only gets larger as they approach. The Venator-Class Star Destroyers the Republic used in the Clone Wars were large, but this is larger still by about a third, making it one of the largest starships she has ever seen.

“RC-2 Scoutship, identify yourself immediately,” a crisp Coruscanti accent states, as the comms crackle to life, startling them both. “Star Destroyer Obedience this is Imperial Senate craft Twilight Princess seeking medical aid. Please respond,” Soleil says, hoping that the ruse will work. “Twilight Princess we’re not seeing an Imperial Senate designation on your craft, if you could provide a clearance code we-” The comms abruptly cut out, but crackle back to life after a moment of silence. “Disregard that Twilight Princess . Tractor beam has you, and will park you in the main hangar bay, where a security team will meet with you. Please power down any weapons,” the Imperial concludes, with the comms going silent with another static crackle. While the tractor beam guides the starship into the Star Destroyer’s gaping maw of a hangar bay, B.B. goes about ensuring any obvious contraband or distasteful material of his is secured, hidden, or trashed, while Soleil secures Raighl’s ident-card, which hopefully will be all they need to sell the ruse entirely.

The airlock to the RC-2 is forcefully opened, and four stormtroopers file in, followed by a grey-uniformed Imperial officer. The middle-aged Human visually inspects the starship, making visual twinges of disgust every time his eyes meet something that offends him. Finally he addresses Soleil while nearly ignoring Raighl on the stretcher in front of him. “We’re not a civilian medical facility,” The officer states bluntly and does an about-face, ready to march out of the starship with his men. “I wouldn’t do that sir, unless you’d enjoy answering to the Senate subcommittee for naval conduct,” Soleil says simply to the dark-haired man. The Imperial officer gives a short bark of a laugh and turns to face her, “are you threatening me, Zeltron ?” The officer says coldly, to which Soleil only shakes her head. “Not a threat sir, a promise. A promise that I will inform this young woman’s father, the Senator of Zeltros, how you callously denied his daughter the medical treatment that could have saved her life. And then you’d be dragged out in front of the subcommittee for hearings on your conduct. Won’t that be fun? And now, I know you won’t be terminated, but you’ll be demoted. You’ll never work on a Star Destroyer again, let alone leave whatever backwater you get assigned to pending the hearing. But that’s assuming I need to keep my promise, right sir?” Soleil says, laying out his options and releasing clouds of her pheromones into the air. The officer pales, begins sweating, and snatches the ident-card from Raighl’s stretcher, plugging it into a handheld datapad.

The Imperial Officer’s eyes widen in surprise, and he begins rattling off orders to the stormtroopers accompanying him, “Get this woman to the medical bay immediately! Disarm these civilians and escort them to an observation deck in the medical bay as well.” The stormtroopers grab Soleil and B.B. by the shoulders and jostles them out of the RC-2 and are escorted through the expansive corridors of the Star Destroyer to its medical bay; Raighl‘s stretcher is taken a different way, one that is presumably quicker and requires no walking, Soleil suspects. After walking for nearly twenty minutes, and taking a turbolift, they end up at the medical bay, though it appears as though it’s sealed off from patient intake and can only be seen through a large viewport as doctors work on Raighl’s blaster wound.

Hours later, an Imperial surgeon dressed in grey and white medical garments arrives through a side door with a clipboard, and Raighl‘s ident-card. "We’ve done all we can. It looks like she’ll make a full recovery, though you’ll have to wait here for a few more hours before she’ll be well enough to travel," the doctor says, handing Soleil the ident-card, and exiting through the same door that he entered from. Soleil walks up to the viewport and looks down at Raighl sleeping in a medical bunk; her thoughts turning to her crew and Ataraxia, and she hopes they’ve found Raiden safely.

Tik’Trii’s face scrunches in frustration, big black eyes wide with a comical grimace.

“How does the ‘master slicer’ get kidnapped by a bucket of bolts?! Raiden better have a good explanation when Tik’Trii finds him.” He flicks over to the nav computer, punching in what little information they have and start scanning for the droids. “Oh yah~” Tik’Trii drawls sarcastically, “Just go west, can’t miss it… West isn’t a lot to go on, old ma-!… Oh hmm.” The sensors blink as it bounces back ping after ping from hundreds of battle droids all clustered in an encampment.

Oduph rumbles, clearly excited by the horde of things to fight. Tik’Trii chuckles as it looks like his trigger finger is actually twitching. Max is practically salivating, probably dreaming of all that salvage. Tik’Trii brings Ataraxia around, strafing over the mobs of battle droids, and spots Raiden at it’s heart. Tik’Trii’s ears perk in confusion, “Why is he tied up like that?”

Raiden wriggles in futility, tied to a stake on top of a pile of wood, the battle droids raise their metal fists to the sky chanting all kinds of nonsense. The growing call to “Burn the Reprogrammer!” changes everything. Tik’Trii swirls around in the pilot seat, scrabbling for the words, but all that comes out is “Shoot!”. Oduph wastes no time, charging up the heavy laser cannons and raining down laser fire into the crowds of battle droids. Charred pieces of arms and chassis fly into the air in all directions, the small explosions mixed in with the pitiful wails of the defective droids would almost be funny if they weren’t blasting my ship. Ataraxia lists lazily over the mob, and Tik’Trii lands it in the newly formed clearing made from their attack run.

Leaping out of the seat and almost falling down the ladder out of the cockpit Tik’Trii shouts orders, “Tik’Trii will get Raiden on Tik’Trii’s speeder. Do not stop firing!” Visions of his precious speeder being blown to bits in a large explosion stops Tik’Trii dead and he quickly scampers back up the ladder, staring daggers at Max. “NO MISSILES, MAX! Tik’Trii is not going to deal with that mess.” The young Squib glares back, huffing and muttering to himself. Down in the cargo hold, Tik’Trii revs his speeder to life, and checks the newly installed weapon systems as the loading lift descends. A shadow looms over him, and looking up Tik’Trii sees Shamü settling himself onto the speeder’s attached hitch, his bulk beginning to strain its repulsorlift. “Allow me to help you in saving Mr. Anders, little Tik’Trii!” Shamü bellows to him, while the Herglic is strapping himself into the hitch. Battle droids flail their make-shift weapons and a hail of blaster bolts whizz past their heads, but Tik’Trii couldn’t care less. The feeling of the engine beneath him once again, Tik’Trii can hardly hope to contain his cackling if he wanted to. Flying off the lift before it’s even touched the ground the battle droids shout their bizarre zealotry as the nose of the speeder plows them over like blades of grass. The high pitch whine of the blaster rings out as Tik’Trii shoots a path to Raiden, the droids’ wild blaster fire singeing his fur more than he’d like, but it doesn’t matter now.

Tik’Trii pulls up along side the pyre and Shamü tears down Raiden and shoves him onto the seat behind Tik’Trii. Tik’Trii pulls his googles down over his eyes as Oduph lets loose another volley from the cannons. “Shamü’s got him! Fire up the engines, we need to get out of here.” Tik’Trii squeaks into the comms, drifting through battle droids back onto the loading lift. Oduph comes to grab Raiden off the hitch; Tik’Trii stares blankly at the pock marks and scorched paint of his once immaculate speeder. “Raiden! You owe me a new paint job!” Tik’Trii lets out a long sigh, the adrenaline high fading away.

“Tik’Trii hopes Raighl is alright.”


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